Simple Spring entryway bench!

simple spring entryway bench

Although small in size, the entryway arrangement still needs attention. Because this space is the first impression of a guest who comes while visiting your house. The entryway is a transition area that connects the outer space with the inner space. Unlike the terrace, the entryway is part of the interior of a dwelling just after the main entrance.

Along with the development of lifestyles, the entryway function is now even starting to turn into a reception area, replacing the living room that is rarely found in modern homes today. Because generally in the front, the entryway should look attractive. Guests who come will certainly be amazed by the presence of a multifunctional and beautiful entryway. So that guests feel warmly welcomed, there are 5 things you need to pay attention to.

1. Determine the position of the entryway

Judging from its understanding and function, the entryway is usually in the front, right after the main door. However, for residences, especially the small size, the position of the entryway can be more flexible, it does not have to be in front of the house.

Areas that can be used as entryways for example near the side door or back door, near the balcony on the 2nd floor, or between the main rooms, such as the family room or living room. However, if this is not possible, you can place an entryway wherever there is a residual area. This area does not have to be in the form of space, just a semi-open space, given the entryway function in the form of a public area.

2. Determine its function

In the past, the entryway functioned as a decorative element for a house that is usually filled with the owner's collection items, to other displays such as flower vases, picture frames, and others. However, in the era of limited land, as it is today, many people also functioned their entryways as something more useful. For example, the entryway is used as a mini living room to welcome guests who arrive before entering a more private area, or as a storage area, or sometimes as an area to receive telephone calls, etc. Determine the function first, so that makes it easier for you to go to the next stage.

3. Customize the Design Theme

Customize the entryway design with the overall interior design theme to create harmonious visual continuity. If most of the interiors are designed in a minimalist modern style, then the entryway arrangement will be made simple by placing clean and sleek design furniture. Choose earth tone colors like brown, beige, or maroon to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as glamor.

4. Choose the right furniture

If you have determined the desired function of an entryway, then the next step is to choose the furniture to be used. If you want to dress up the entryway as an element of decoration, use simple furniture, such as a long table to "display space" for your collection. In addition, you can also add a mirror on the long table. Considering the location of the entryways that are generally in front, this mirror also serves to check your appearance before traveling outside.

If you use the entryway as a place to welcome guests, don't forget to bring chairs and tables inside. Because entryways are generally small, don't use furniture that is too large like the living room. This space will impress full. Use simple furniture, which is important enough to welcome guests temporarily.

5. Don't forget the partition

One more thing that needs to be considered in designing the entryway is the space partition to separate public and private areas. This partition can be massive such as doors, walls, etc. or see-through, such as display shelves, glass, and wooden jalousie.

Entryways can also use almost unlimited boundaries. Partitions like this can be a difference in floor height, a difference in color with space next to it, a level drop ceiling game, or differences in the floor covering material. Pseudo partitions like this are very suitable to be applied to the entryway in a small house so that the room does not seem crowded with the presence of additional solid partitions.

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