Sliding Barn Doors - DIY Sliding Barn Door Ideas For Your Home

sliding barn doors

I need a little creative idea to give a different touch to the interior of the house. If you like the style of a classic farmhouse house but want to look modern, you can install a sliding-style barn door.

How to place a sliding barn door style right at home? Here are four sliding barn door design ideas:

1. Sliding Cabinet Doors

If you are a sliding door lover but not with a heavy door, you can replace the sliding door from lightweight fabric.

2. Doors with Hollow Core

Enough with pine boards, paint, Sharpie markers, and metal handles, you can make a neat plain warehouse cabinet door.

3. Contemporary Door Panel

The high-end style of these four doors will enhance the special feel of your master bedroom. Make a plywood door, starting from the entrance to your room and likened to your other cabinet door.

4. Classic Doors

If the tools for making this classic farmhouse-style door are expensive, you can make your own doorway instead. Adjust to your financial ability and style you want.

5. Sliding Walk-in Closet Door

If you are a lover of walk-in closets or like closets with open designs, this type of sliding door can be the right solution. This door will add to the beauty of the interior of the wardrobe or walk-in closet. So unsightly, there is no harm in adjusting the color of the cabinet with a sliding door.

6. Sliding Bedroom Door

By using a sliding door in the bedroom, you can keep this door open or close it for privacy. You can also separate the living room from the bedroom by closing the sliding door and opening it again to get fresh air in the house or apartment.

7. Patio Sliding Door

If you have a sliding glass door in the dining room that intersects the backyard garden, you will get natural light enveloping the interior. You can make a large sliding glass door and frame it with wood or metal according to the interior style of the house. If you need a little privacy or a sense of security, you can add curtains to the sliding door.

8. Garage Sliding Door

Make your home garage look attractive and artistic with sliding doors made of wood. You can create an elegant wooden sliding door with the option of a two-way sliding door to make it more comfortable to use.

9. Rustic Style Wooden Sliding Door

Are you a rustic design lover? If so, the rustic wooden sliding door design will be right for you. If the interior is minimalist style, you can still rely on this rustic wooden sliding door. By coating it with white paint, you will get an artistic impression at home.

10. Industrial Minimalist Sliding Doors

The use of sliding doors in industrial-style home architecture design really steals the attention. The concept is simple and minimalist seen from the selection of sliding doors that have a matching color with building materials.

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