Tips On How To Design A Rustic Bedroom

tips on how to design a rustic bedroom

Home decor that has a rustic style bedroom accentuates the characteristic mix of "rough" that looks charming, simple but quality. Therefore, when redecorating the bedroom in your house, do not forget elements such as wood and objects with rough surfaces.

All elements that you use must be able to form a simple design line that describes the rustic concept itself. So, how do you decorate a rustic style bedroom to make it look charming?

We have tips and inspiration for home decor with rustic style bedrooms specifically summarized for you. Come on, read to the end!

Tips for design a rustic bedroom :

Redecorating the bedroom using the rustic style is not an easy task. When you are wrong in choosing furniture or applying other elements, the impression of "rough" from the rustic style will make the bedroom seem messy.

Therefore, below we share important tips that you can use in preparing a charming and cozy rusticbedroom decoration:

Wood Flooring

To give a rustic touch to the bedroom, you need to choose a wooden floor, then add a layer of wax (hand-polished manually).

In addition to being given a wax coating, you can also paint the wooden floor with bright color choices. Do not forget, cover the floor using a choice of carpet that can give a warm impression in your bedroom.

Wooden Furniture

Not only floors made of wood, furniture placed in a bedroom is better made of wood.

The design of a suitable chair placed in a rustic bedroom is generally rattan furniture or rocking chairs. However, you can develop creations by incorporating the concept of the outside environment, such as forests, into the bedroom.

To add the impression of "rough" on rustic bedroom furniture, you can scrub the entire the surface of the furniture using a rough wire brush so that all the colors of the paint is slightly peeling.

Then do not forget to clean the surface of the furniture using a wet cloth and dried in the sun. After drying, you can apply the varnish to the surface of the furniture and allow it to dry before putting it into the bedroom.

Add Rustic Style Accessories

The impression of rustic in home decor, especially bedrooms can also be strengthened by choosing rustic style accessories. Examples such as using oil lamps, brass chandeliers, rattan baskets to hurricane lamps.

The important thing to remember in choosing a rustic style bedroom accessory is to choose the one that is most synonymous with natural colors and natural elements such as brown, green, brick red, and white as the main features of rustic style home decor.

Emphasize "Rustic" Rustic Elements

Enter the typical elements of the rustic style such as wood, rocks and other organic materials in decorating a rustic bedroom.

Highlight the impression of "rough" from these elements in displaying the concept of a rustic bedroom that is comfortable and naturally beautiful.

You can also add landscape paintings posted on the wall with accents that seem to be so close to nature. The elements that provide a calming and soothing atmosphere.

How, are you familiar with the short tips that We share to decorate rustic style bedrooms? Now it's time for you to see some inspiring bedrooms from rustic style home d├ęcor like this:

Rustic Bedroom with "What is" Furniture

You can decorate the bedroom by highlighting the concept of rustic through wood furniture material that is left to appear as it is, without finishing process or in varnish.

Not only that, but on one wall of your bedroom you can also add decorations made from ‘old wood’. You can arrange the decoration in such a way that it forms a pattern that can describe the atmosphere of the great outdoors.

Rustic with the atmosphere of wild nature

For those of you who like adventure or love the wild, of course, rustic bedrooms that further highlight the natural and natural impression such as the wild or wilderness It will be very interesting.

To present the impression of natural and natural wild style, you can use wooden bars as a ceiling or furniture in the bedroom.

Incorporate the Elements of the Open Nature

Ever thought of using materials in your surroundings when designing home decor?

You can use the natural surroundings in decorating a bedroom. Examples such as using tree branches as bed decorations or clothes hangers in a rustic bedroom, placing fake plants, so the concept as well as the impression of rustic home decorations in the bedroom will be felt thicker.

Rustic Bedroom with Natural Wood Furniture

The design of the bedroom that you can try next is to highlight the rustic concept through the selection of natural or natural wooden furniture such as using a small wooden a chunk with the legs carved into a table to be placed on the side of the bed.

In addition, you can also, add a dry tree decoration on the table to add to the rustic impression it creates.

Rustic Concept with Design a la "Pier"

You must have seen or been on a dock, right? To decorate a rustic style bedroom you can also use wall designs, bed frames, and other furniture resembling the wooden layout of a pier.

Add vintage-style lamps with other natural decorations in the room to make the rustic concept more pronounced.

The combination of Rustic and Modern

Rustic home decor can also be combined with modern concepts, no exception with the rustic bedroom decor.

To give a touch of modern elements, you can do by placing modern concept furniture. Shades presented from the furniture with modern concepts will look harmonious with the rustic decorations of other elements in the bedroom. Lights with dim colors can make the impression of rustic feels thicker.

"Rugged" Wood Material Combined With Parquet Floor

Home decoration to conjure a bedroom fully rustic style is to use only materials made from wood. Not only in furniture but also on the bedroom floor.

On the floor, you can apply parquet floors throughout the room. Whereas in the selection of furniture you can use "rough" wood material without varnish or natural nuanced furniture, such as shaped wooden blocks and the like.

To make the rustic concept feel more, you can use furniture from real wood pieces arranged into a bed frame, wardrobe, table, chair to wall decoration.

For the room concept that uses 100% of this wood material, apply wooden walls that have abstract or the irregular arrangement so that the room seems rustic but not boring.

That's the tips and inspiration for home decor with rustic style bedrooms that we can share. Do you intend to try to apply it? Although rustic is very typical of natural elements, don't forget to pay attention to the furniture choices you will use.

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