Dorm Room Ideas

dorm room ideas

Living in a dormitory certainly won't be as easy as you live in your own home. maybe not as large as your bedroom at home, especially if you are lucky to have to share with friends. Certainly making your room comfortable will require energy and good ideas. Next I will share ideas for decorating your dorm room:

1. Using a Level Bed

best dorm room

If the room is not too large, using a bunk bed is one of the easiest choices. A bunk bed will provide more space at the bottom of the room so it can be maximized as a study area or wardrobe area. Space to be wider when doing activities in the bedroom. But of course there must be someone who succumbed to choose a mattress that is under or above.

2. Use a Multifunctional Furniture

dorm room furniture

Multifunctional furniture will minimize the use of space in the bedroom. Like the bed equipped with a storage cabinet at the bottom. A variety of versatile furniture can provide more space in the dorm room. Although not using multifunctional furniture, but utilizing the empty space between furniture can also be one solution to expand the room. You can also choose minimalist furniture such as the use of a wardrobe with sliding doors.

3. Placement of Furniture that Minimizes Space Usage

beautiful dorm room

When there are two beds in the room, of course laying the bed will be a determinant of the amount of space used. As it is placed side by side, parallel, or placed in the shape of the letter L will give the difference in free space in the bedroom. Not only that, the cupboards will also occupy a lot of space because not only the amount of furniture that is considered, but also the amount of space needed when opening the cupboard door.

4. Use Wallpaper or Bright Colors on the Room Wall

beautiful wall for dorm room

Wallpaper or wall paint with bright colors will give the impression of a more spacious room. Of course, the choice of style will also affect the atmosphere of the room. Just for example by using a vertical line pattern on the wall, the room will feel higher, different if you use a horizontal line pattern that gives the impression of a widening room.

5. Add a Carpet or Floor Mat in the Room

carpet or floor mat in the room

Putting carpet on the floor of the room will certainly cover the amount of floor tiles used. The carpet itself will also give a warm impression in the bedroom. In addition, the carpet on the floor can be a sitting and gathering area for you and your roommate. Even in the carpet area can be used as a study area with a folding table added to complement the room.

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