How to Organize Your Small Bedroom

how to organize your small bedroom

Arranging the bedroom not only considers the functional and effectiveness aspects, but also aesthetics, inspiration, and relaxation. You certainly imagine your dream bedroom as a place of seclusion from the outside world and relax for a moment without any distractions. The ideal bedroom should be an unlimited source of comfort so you can wake up energized and refreshed because everything you need is available. In addition, the bedroom must also be equipped with a storage area for personal belongings, although it is very difficult to arrange a narrow layout for beds, small closets, drawers and comfortable reading chairs.

However, when you are faced with a limited area of ​​sleeping space, creating a bedroom that includes all the functions and goals is certainly a challenge in itself. Often the need to store personal collection items and functionality can obscure the desire to consider your particular style. Even so, there are many ways that can help you organize a small bedroom by balancing between style and function.

1. Optimize every corner of your space

Decorating a bedroom wall can be a pleasant job for everyone. However, in small bedrooms, the effort will be more leverage because it can highlight the characteristics of space and focus on design features, not in terms of limited size.

You can explore various creative wall design ideas by playing color composition, composition, scale, texture, shape, and so on. Paintings on walls or murals, paint color games, and even wallpaper can be a cost-effective solution if you choose an economical option. Creating gallery walls in the bedroom can also be a way to add your personal touch.

You can add a variety of decorative elements that are unique and unusual like a conventional bedroom. Make sure you make the most of every side of your wall, creating a more luxurious design look.

2. Think beyond the highest limit.

Although a small bedroom has limited space, you can maximize one part that is often overlooked by many people: ceiling or ceiling, which is a good part of space to unite all architectural elements and emphasize the existence of a space. Think of the ceiling as a clean canvas that we are ready to optimize with a variety of attractive style choices.

If your bedroom ceiling is high enough, you can use the existing space with variations in the drop ceiling (lower ceiling) or up ceiling (raise most of the ceiling surface). Variation in the ceiling will make the room more dramatic and dynamic.

This design is also used to cover building elements that are exposed lower than the main ceiling, for example, one of the tricks to "hide" curtain rails and vertical blinds so that the appearance of space becomes more presentable and classy.

You can hang decorative items that not only make the area underneath, but also look upwards. This effect will give the illusion of a larger volume of space in a small room. You can hang decorative items that not only make the area underneath, but also look upwards. This effect will give the illusion of a larger volume of space in a small room.
Installing a chandelier instead of a table lamp will help create a vertical element of affirmation that focuses the focus on the bed, adding characteristics of modern style and at the same time freeing up space beside the bed.

3. Apply vertical storage

By removing large furniture that takes up floor space in small bedrooms, one of the great solutions to provide a more spacious visual appearance of space is by installing wall-mounted shelves. This trick, besides making furniture look like it blends into the wall, also adds aesthetic and practical value to your bedroom.

Storage areas, such as a bedside table with drawers or even a small dressing table, can also be affixed to the wall. This trick can free up space underneath to hide your items, boxes or storage basket for your trinkets.

4. Use a Versatile Furniture

To maximize limited floor space, combine multifunctional flexible furniture that can be folded to the wall. The idea of ​​a folding bed can be useful if you only have a small room that doubles as a bedroom or work desk without enough functional space for storage.

Even more great idea, this bed can be folded behind the sofa which can then be used during the daytime. This idea will save space and provide more flexibility without sacrificing comfort.

Try adding decorative components to the outer surface of the folding section. The paint pattern painted behind the folding table will add interesting visual elements to the room.

5. Create boundaries between two zones

To design a closet or bedroom door, you need to consider a large enough area to open and close the door. However, these requirements can certainly limit your choice in arranging furniture in a narrow bedroom. Folding, sliding or pocket doors are a number of options for solving functional problems, offering convenience to save space compared to traditional, more standard doors, and adding aesthetic value to your bedroom.

Another way to improve the function of the door in your bedroom is to replace it with translucent or reflective material. Sliding glass doors can certainly reduce the impression of narrow and closed in a small room. Likewise, mirrored cabinet doors can make a room feel more spacious.

However, if you prefer privacy, you can use alternative thin and other lightweight materials, such as aluminum, teakwood, and so on.

6. Have we looked in the mirror today?

Creating eye trick tricks by placing a mirror in the right position is one of the best classic solutions for small bedrooms. You can install a large mirror anywhere, without any rules and restrictions.
Mirror not only produces the illusion of space that looks more spacious, but also reflects natural light that makes the room more dynamic. Want to be even more determined? Put a mirror right near the light source, can be a lamp, candle, or directly reflect the morning sun. Your room will look brighter, and the reflection of the light it produces will have an extraordinary effect on your small room.

Use several mirrors as a design element on the wall instead of painting. Mirror galleries in different frames, shapes and sizes can function as beautiful mirror wall features and expand the room.

You can also combine mirrors with cabinets or shelves, feature certain patterned walls, colorful painted walls or behind narrow angles to further emphasize your bedroom. Installation of the right mirror will provide an interesting contrast to the monotonous row of objects.

Want a special room, very luxurious and classy in the style of a luxury hotel room? You can combine it with a dramatic-sized mirror on the ceiling or ceiling design that will make the room look very roomy and brighter.

7. Dare to play composition

Highlighting something that is the center of attention in a small room will not only exude your personality and style, but also distract from the limited size of the space. Therefore it takes courage to be creative with your bedroom so that the distraction of attention is more leverage. Use a different paint color or geometric patterned wallpaper for the walls of the bed, combined with fabric on the bed with matching motifs. You can also choose furniture, art objects or lamps with special designs.

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