Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

kitchen tile backsplash ideas

Beautiful kitchen trends not far from backsplash. This cool term refers to the vertical part of the kitchen counter, especially the area between the lower cabinet and the upper cabinet of the kitchen at home. Its function is none other than to protect the kitchen wall from splashes of water, oil or other impurities.

Backsplash not only has a protective function, but also can add to the impression of a beautiful kitchen full of aesthetics. The materials used are also generally made from flash stones to similar textured ceramics. Well, for you who are still unfamiliar with this term, it's time to be amazed by the backsplash style in the beautiful kitchen!

Vintage & Victorian Style Beautiful Kitchen

With a little imagination, this beautiful kitchen was transformed into an elegant Victorian-style vintage era. Using brick-shaped ceramics, the arrangement of backsplash does not seem stiff thanks to the gradation of a diverse blue color. The final touch is a kitchen blower that has been installed in an antique matching style.

This backsplash also looks towering to the top because the kitchen concept is indeed only focused on the improvised cooking area. With this beautiful kitchen inspiration, guaranteed you will feel at home while cooking!

Playing Neutral Colors With Gold in a Beautiful Kitchen

The backsplash design in your beautiful kitchen doesn't have to always be medium or large. Arranged artistically from a small flat ceramic, this beautiful kitchen looks luxurious and beautiful from a combination of sparkling gold colors.

With the selection of a safe pattern, the kitchen looks more beautiful, even though the backsplash is enough to dominate the existing area. Coupled with lighting by choosing the right lights for the kitchen counter in the backsplash, guaranteed the kitchen still looks stylish all the time.

Aqua Style Ceramic for a Sweet and Beautiful Kitchen

Glass ceramic is one of the favorite kitchen ceramic materials for beautiful kitchen backsplash. This is because the glass feature that is easily cleaned at all times from oil stains though. Although it seems simple in terms of motifs or installation, this backsplash accentuates the beautiful kitchen because of its attractive color selection.

For moderate to large ceramic backsplash, prioritizing unique colors such as soft pastels can be tried to give a feminine impression.

Unique Ceramic Motifs for Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash

Like playing puzzle pieces, this beautiful kitchen backsplash looks alive with beautiful unique motifs. To avoid patterns that are too complicated, kitchen backsplash only takes a fairly narrow area with a minimalist plain white wall shelf boundary.

Backsplash style like this can be copied, especially if the distance between the cabinet in your beautiful kitchen is not too large. Or, it may also be arranged with a combination of white ceramic so that the overall backsplash of your beautiful kitchen does not look crowded.

Luxuriously Elegant Kitchen with Marble Backsplash

Want to have a beautiful kitchen that is luxurious and easy to clean? You may want to consider choosing marble backsplash because besides it looks classy, ​​this material is also known for being tough and durable. The choice of backsplash color is also very decisive, because if there is no clear concept, then the backsplash will look stiff and boring. This backsplash style is perfect for small size minimalist kitchen sets.

Minimalist Concept Kitchen Trend Beautiful

No need to bother thinking about the backsplash design for your beautiful kitchen. Beautiful kitchen trends will still lead to many minimalist concepts that are simple and durable, but have an attractive urban style.

From the beautiful kitchen inspiration above, it looks like the backsplash used looks natural and has a strong character. You are advised to choose a neutral color, but not too soft to achieve beautiful kitchen results as above.

Beautiful Kitchen Full of Artistic Impression

Bored only with the gradation of color or the selection of certain ceramics in your kitchen's beautiful kitchen backsplash? Unique backsplash inspiration like the example above can be replicated. Using fruit-themed paintings, this kitchen backsplash looks refreshing without an old-fashioned impression. This is certainly supported by modern style materials. Use unlimited imagination for the most interesting beautiful kitchen creations in your home. As an alternative, you can use posters on your backsplash you know!

Feminine-style backsplash

If you don't want a beautiful kitchen that is too flashy, but still has a distinctive style? Choose a small ceramic patterned backsplash with a cheerful feminine color order. Prioritize to choose colors that are not boring so that activities in the beautiful kitchen remain full of enthusiasm and creativity. The cheerful backsplash color can also compensate for kitchen appliances at home which are usually neutral in color.

Beautiful Modern Kitchen with a Touch of the Past

It's not just the cafe that can take a funny decorative touch. Backsplash creation in a beautiful kitchen can start from the selection and arrangement of antique ceramic motifs nicely.
So that the beautiful kitchen still looks modern, the backsplash application is quite focused on several parts of the kitchen wall such as behind the main oven and around the lower boundary of the wall in the upper cabinet. The result is a combination of past and present in a cool, beautiful kitchen!

Beautiful Retro Kitchen

Beautiful retro-style kitchen definitely reminds you of the classic golden age of 1960. With the right backsplash selection, let's create a cool nostalgic touch. Pattern selection is certainly very influential. Besides the pattern, another thing that should be in a beautiful retro style kitchen is an antique kitchen decor such as a spatula hanger, a spice container, or a food storage area. Guaranteed, you are more comfortable cooking in the kitchen!

Avoid the impression of being bored with white combination

Don't want the kitchen to be too dominated by certain colors? Treat it with the same backsplash material but with the transition to safe plain white. This beautiful kitchen inspiration combines pink backsplash color with elegant blue ash. But to minimize the impression of being too feminine, white backsplash is also applied proportionally. Moreover, sweet ornamental plant decorations are also applied to add a beautiful impression. Beautiful, right?

Beautiful Kitchen with a Tulip Theme

If you don't want to mess around with a combination of backsplash in terms of specific colors or motifs, just choose a clear motif for your beautiful kitchen. This kitchen inspiration is very suitable for you who like plants and gardening, or have a small minimalist kitchen design. Sweet tulip accents are given right in the middle of a beautiful kitchen at home. Combined with a flush of white incandescent lamps at the bottom of the cabinet, the beautiful kitchen looks even more beautiful.

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