Minimalist Bedroom Design for Small Rooms

minimalist bedroom design for small rooms

HomeIdeas - Interior design and decoration does not depend on size. Problem big or small size of a room, it really depends on the choice of furniture used. Remember, there is no small space, there is the use of oversized furniture.

In architecture and interior design itself, the standard size of a room depends on the function and purpose of use of the room. For the bedroom area for example, the main bedroom is usually recommended to have a size of 4 × 5 m, or about 20 square meters. This is based on the assumption of size and furniture to be used.

As for children's bedrooms, the need to move and move freely is a lot of consideration. The ideal size of a child's room is usually in the range of 3 × 4 m, or the equivalent of 12 square meters. Less than that, it's rather difficult to imagine a child's room can have the level of security needed.

Another thing with guest bedrooms. Assuming not too much furniture is used, a size of 3 × 3 m or about 9 square meters may be enough. Guest rooms do not need to use too many ornaments and room accessories that can burden the space capacity.

after knowing a little about the ideal size of the bedroom, if you can already estimate yourself, whether the bedroom in your home is in accordance with the ideal size or not?
Then the problem then, if the size or size of the bedrooms in your home does not have the ideal size as discussed, can it be designed to have the comfort of bedrooms that have an ideal size?

Paint Color Options

White is known as a color that never fails to make a small room feel more spacious and spacious. This neutral color is perfect for a small minimalist bedroom.

However, make no mistake, this color is also allegedly has a few deficiencies, namely the impression of monotony.

To work around this, you can add other color elements so that the bedroom has an interesting color scheme and is not boring.

Soft pastel colors accent into an interesting combination to create a relaxed impression in an all-white room.

If you do not prefer the white color for the room, the choice of dark colors is actually not forbidden. However, avoid overuse. Make it just as an accent, or present a dark color on one of the walls of the room.

Create Walls

In addition to the choice of paint colors, you can make a small bedroom look more visually attractive by decorating the walls.

Use wallpaper, exposed bricks, or design a wall-shaped storage rack there so that your minimalist room looks more functional.

Unique wall decorations can make a room have maximum appeal.

Wall decoration

The small size of the room is not an obstacle for you to be creative. This still has to do with creating the wall.

If you choose to leave your walls plain white, you can decorate them with various types of wall hangings. Paintings, photos, or quotes with attractive frames will make a small bedroom look more exotic.

Large Window in the Center of the Room

If you happen to plan to build or renovate a bedroom, it is better to place the window in the exact center of the room.

The window, with its position right in the middle of the room, is the focal point of the placement of the bed that can give birth to a comfortable impression.

Bedroom Furniture

Built-in furniture or furniture planting is a careful choice of furniture for a small bedroom. This furniture model is specially designed to adapt to the shape of the room and made attached to the wall, making it very space-saving. However, if you don't want to use the built-in concept, you can use furniture with a simple shape and have a compact size.

Remember, size, size, size. That is the key word.

You must carefully adjust the needs of furniture with the area of ​​space.


Yes, mirrors are decorative elements that have magical powers. Adding a large mirror into a small bedroom, can make the room look more spacious. And with its reflective capabilities, the mirror is also able to reflect light throughout the room, so that the area of ​​the room will feel brighter and warmer.

However, one thing to remember, know the best way to install a mirror. Because if you make a mistake when installing it, this is the same as other decorative elements, even making the room look messy. Read the best way to install a mirror at home.

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