Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

teenage girl bedroom ideas

Designing a room for teenage girls is certainly different from designing a bedroom for adults. This is because each has different interests. In the teenage room decor itself is generally synonymous with cheerful and fresh shades. So that with some captivating ideas that can be applied to teenage room decorations can make teenage girls feel at home in the room.


Generally in teenage girls apply bright colors to give a cheerful impression. The most often chosen is the color pink or pink, as an identical color for women. No need to be applied to the entire bedroom wall, pink can also be applied as an accent color to sweeten the room. You can also apply the pink color to complement the decoration accents, such as the color of the bedcover or the color of the furniture in the room.

Metallic Accent

Metallic accents or gold always succeed in giving the impression of luxury and elegance to the interior design of the room. So it's no wonder by applying metallic accents to teenage room decorations, making their rooms more attractive and sparkling.


Because generally the ages of adolescents are the ages of students, so it should equip their room with a desk or a place for them to study right? To make the area more comfortable, you can make a simple reminder board there to note important things. Can be a blackboard, cardboard or other designed to look beautiful. In addition, containers for storing various stationery and books may also be needed. Not infrequently teenage rooms are also decorated with decorative lamps or other cute trinkets.

Expression Area

Nothing wrong if equipping teen rooms with special areas to express their talents and interests, right? You can adjust this area based on the needs of each child's talents and interests. For example by giving space to those who are interested in the fashion area to create and design their work. Or it could be a simple dressing table for those who are interested in the dressing world.

The most important thing about making designs and decorating teenage rooms is to make them as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for children. To be more sure, you can consult with experts in the room.

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