5 Tips Most Right before Choosing a Kitchen Set

tips most right before choosing a kitchen set

For some people, kitchen design might not be something important. But did you know that like other rooms, the design and condition of a kitchen in a house can reflect the owner's personality.

Therefore, the kitchen should be designed and arranged in such a way as to remain functional as well as visually appealing.

And given the importance of this, here we will talk about one of the most important parts in the design or decoration of kitchen space. It is a kitchen set.

In general, kitchen set is furniture that is made specifically for storing kitchen utensils and / or cooking utensils. Kitchen sets consist of cabinet arrangements. He usually has a custom model and shape that is adjusted to the size of the room.

Kitchen sets make a neat kitchen space. In addition, with a variety of shapes and models, can make the kitchen look more attractive, visually of course.

Therefore, choosing a kitchen set also cannot be done arbitrarily. There are several tricks on how to choose the right kitchen set for your kitchen space.

Consider a few important things below:

1. Determine the Size

First, it is a matter of size.

It is obligatory to adjust the size of the kitchen and the size of the kitchen set to be used. This is the reason why custom design is highly recommended. There must be a balance between the two.
Custom kitchen set will give your kitchen space very functional and attractive at the same time.
Remember, a room that looks attractive can provide positive energy. Moreover, the kitchen is the heart of the house.

2. Choosing a Model and Shape / Design

Next is to choose a modelm shape, or kitchen set design.

You need to know there are several models of kitchen sets on the market such as U or L shaped kitchen sets. Depending on the type and size of the kitchen as well.

As with other rooms in the house, the kitchen should be designed or decorated with a particular theme. Also make sure the kitchen set can match the interior theme of the kitchen.

However, if there are the best recommendations regarding kitchen interior design, especially involving the selection of a kitchen set model, choose a minimalist theme. With that, the kitchen will still look simple, functional, as well as style.

3. Material or Materials

There are many kitchen sets offered on the market. This also depends on the material used. The more quality the ingredients used, the more expensive the kitchen set is.

Aluminum, solid wood, particle board, polywood, and others are often used as the main material for kitchen sets. You can choose according to taste and needs. Especially the budget availability.

Recommended kitchen set material is made from solid wood. This material can be sure to have a higher level of durability when compared to that made from particle board. However, the majority of kitchen sets also use plywood that is coated by multiplex or HPL (High Pressure Laminate) in the finishing process.

If you have more budget, you can choose a kitchen set with a counter and marble backsplash. This kitchen set can show the impression of luxury and style into your kitchen space.

4. Paint color

Color selection for a room is something fun. No exception for kitchen space.

Color has an influence on a person's psychology, so the color of interior paint must also pay attention to this.

Choose a color palette that matches the interior theme of your home kitchen. Try to choose bright colors that can give birth to the illusion of a wider space. White is one of the best choices because it is easily combined with other colors you like.

5. Careful in Furniture Arrangement

This is the last tip that you should really consider.

Before choosing a kitchen set, you should also make a list of what furniture and kitchen utensils you will use in your kitchen. The model and shape of the kitchen set must follow these needs.

The arrangement of furniture, especially in the kitchen room will determine how coordinated the room is. And with that, the kitchen space will be easy to clean, rearranged, especially when you are not using it.

Those are some tips before you choose a kitchen set.

What kind of kitchen set do you use in your home kitchen?

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