Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Winter

bedroom decoration ideas for winter

When the weather turns hard, your bedroom must become a cocoon of warm comfort. But that doesn't mean you need to change the entire room with every change of season - it needs some improvements to align your room with the time of year. The eight approved bedrooms here show you who is doing winter ... comfortable, warm and stylish.

1. Texture is the Key

It's easy to ward off the cold winter of your bedroom compilation has a more comfortable texture here. Knitted nubby is furnished on the bed, baskets in the countryside to cover and hang, living plants - better than the compilation are fragrant herbs like lavender that grow here - and floors with warm thick carpets. Turn off the soft cotton cover or blanket for heavy knitted blankets and add extra warmth to your toes with the throwing blanket folded at the foot of the bed. Finish the scene with complicated velvet shams or other thick cloth. The idea is to add a variety of heavy textures - which create warm vibrations - from the smooth surface that cools you in summer.

2. Just a Touch of Holiday Magic

Jumping with your fingers and toes frozen, Gliding while carrying a holiday. While the living room generally gets the most festive talent, there is no reason not to add a touch of magic to your bedroom too. And what is more interesting than falling asleep under a collection of beautiful glass and metal hanging from the ceiling with long satin ribbons? Easy, elegant and suitable for frequent bedrooms .... perfect.

3. Crazy for Checkered

It's classic, but it's never boring. It's festive, but not specific to a vacation. The color is colorful, but not too liar. Here are the boxes, and this is a great way to warm the winter bedroom. Traditional red, green or blue placards all match; their gem tones in doing the best job of getting rid of the gloom during the dark days of winter. A checkered blanket or extra pillow just adds to the warmth, or go out with a checkered head as updated here.

4. Stack on Layers

Lying in bed listening to the sound of the wind outside your bedroom can be uncomfortable, but not if you are shivering under the blanket. When the thermometer comes out, occasionally build warmth with several layers of cloth on your bed. Start with flannel sheets, then comforters or comforters. Add a folded or folded blanket to the foot of the bed, and then place it further with the throw thrown at the footwear. Now, stack a few extra decorative pillows for a luxurious and comfortable finish. But your dream will become warm.

5. Add Some Gem Tones

You might assume that the fiery color from the warm side is best for winter bedrooms, but actually, deeper, cooler colors look better than lower sunlight in the sky. The saturated tones of emeralds, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts and rubies are strong enough to endure the rising winter days, adding color to the bedroom building without washing towards gray in a gentler way. As always, your compilation decorates with dramatic colors or black, remember a little long road. Throw blankets, throw pillows or window treatments with beautiful jewel tones are all that is needed.

6. True White Winter

Pure white is cool and calm in the summer months, but the compilation of winds rises outside your outside, it's the creamy color of winter white that chases away the cold. The softest cream palette and neutral colors are always beautiful, but very comfortable in winter. To avoid bland appearance, change to one color splash, like beautiful purple flowers.

7. Liquid metal

Silver, chrome and lead make you comfortable on hot summer days, but when the calendar goes down to the last page, it is a warm metal that brings comfort to the bedroom. Like all metal surfaces, copper, gold, brass and light bounced bronze around the room, eliminating the gloom of winter, but it was their warm tone that completely repelled the cold. If you don't want to add beautiful copper ceiling fixtures like the ones shown here, consider adding warm metal in the form of a cabinet tray, bedside light or metallic accent to a blanket or throw pillow.

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