Bedroom Ideas and Decor Inspiration

bedroom ideas and decor inspiration

It's time to design a new bedroom!

The bedroom, surely, must be the most favorite place for many people. Not just for resting, the bedroom is also a place for relaxation and even doing work. Therefore the room must be designed as comfortable as possible.

What is your bedroomdesign like now? Getting tired of wanting to change the room decoration? The sign is you have to look for ideas for bedrooms in 2020!

The year began to change, so did the current trends, including bedroom design trends.

For those of you who are looking for inspiring 2020 bedroom designs, we have several choices.

1. Minimalist room to be your favorite bedroom design 2020

Minimalist design means simple and not excessive. For 2020, a minimalist bedroom with a personal touchwill be a trend.

You can decorate it as you wish so that it seems unique. For example, add a wall display or simple design furniture to suit your taste.

For wall paint selection, you can use monochrome colors such as white, black, or gray. In addition to making the room look clean and elegant, basic colors also give a spacious impression to the bedroom.
Feel the bedroom is too quiet? Additional light sleep will give the impression that is not monotonous. Use a lamp design with a simple shape, for example round, cube, or tube.

2. Wood furniture is one of the bedroom trends of 2020

Natural materials will often be found in bedroom designs in 2020. Ranging from wooden furniture, woven bamboo or wooden ornaments, to natural stones.

Not only does it make the room look comfortable, wood material also gives aesthetic finishing touches to the 2020 bedroom design.

Indeed, natural material furniture such as wood is expensive. But, with proper care, wooden furniture can last until it is passed down to children and grandchildren.

Bedroom design trends in 2020 is a rustic style decoration. This design plays with natural colors like beige and off-white. The use of wood furniture also makes the room more homey.

3. Unfinished wall decorations

What's on your mind when you see the word renovation? Surely immediately thought of the walls that are getting neater and better. Different, from the trend of bedroom wall renovations in 2020.

Walls with unfinished or unfinished accents become a favorite trend of bedroom design in 2020. The impression of natural weathering on the walls makes the bedroom look artsy.

Rough wall surface seems to be the latest trend for room design. Instead of looking shabby, room designs with rough walls actually look eye catchy!

4. Design a farmhouse room for the 2020 trend

In addition to rustic room design, farmhouse room design is also one of the bedroom design trends in 2020. Farmhouse design gives a fresh and cozy impression. Very suitable, to rest.

Homey decoration with natural and earthy colors such as beige, off white, gray and white characterizes the design of the farmhouse bedroom.

Patterned furniture is not finished or unfinished alias adds to the impression of artsy in the bedroom design.

So it's not boring, you can add modern design lights, retro chairs, or furniture with unique designs. Green plants in small pots can also give a fresh finishing touch!

5. Boho style with a natural touch for bedrooms 2020

If you want a cozy, earthy, and Insta-ready room, then this boho bedroom design is the answer. Boho designs play a lot with fabrics and natural and pastel colors.

However, the design of a boho bedroom in 2020 will look different. You will find more natural material furniture such as wood and bamboo which gives the impression of fairy.

To complement the boho bedroom design, choose neutral colors with a touch of beige, cream, cognac, and black. Guaranteed, deh, your bedroom immediately becomes an earthy chic room!

6. Oriental style bedroom design

In addition to rustic, minimalist, and farmhouse designs, oriental-style bedroom designs are also suitable for 2020.

Not just limited to the color of wall paint, oriental style can also be found in various decorations. Ranging from wall displays, furniture, to materials used during sleep.

The oriental style bedroom design uses earthy, yellow and brick colors. Besides cotton and linen become a favorite material for sheets, pillowcases, and blankets.

Not only relaxing, oriental design rooms also give an exotic and aesthetic feel. Suitable for you who like art.

7. Elegant bedroom with purple color

In general, the colors applied to the bedroom are neutral, earthy, or pastel colors. These colors are known to create vibe for relaxation.

What if purple is used for bedroom designs?

The 2020 bedroom trend is apparently very diverse! One of them is using purple as a room design for resting. The color purple is identical with an elegant color.

So it's not monotonous, yes, you can use various levels of purple and material variants. This will give the impression of being timeless and unique. The color purple can also arouse beautiful memories.

8. Neutral colors become a trend in 2020

Want to use classic and timeless decorations that never go out of style? If so, a neutral color design with simple ornaments is the answer.

This bedroom style is suitable for you who want the appearance of the room is not complicated. Have more room to move, but still looks attractive.

Use neutral colors like white, black and gray to emphasize a simple bedroom design.

Want to add a touch of elegance to the room design? It could also, by adding a unique design chandelier. This bedroom design will make your rest time more quality.

That is some bedroomdesign ideas to be applied in 2020. You are free to be creative with the desired bedroom design, as long as it does not make the quality of sleep so disturbed. Don't want to, so it's hard to sleep just because of the wrong room design?

Congratulations make over the bedroom to be more attractive with the latest design, yes!

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