Best Dorm Room Ideas That Will Transform Your Room

best dorm room ideas that will transform your room

When you enter your dorm room for the first time, it might feel like a very simple room with nothing but white walls everywhere you look. This is actually a good thing. Think of it as a fabulous blank canvas that you can change with your own style.

Decorating your dormroom can be your first experience by making all your own design decisions, and that is only the beginning of what makes decorating your dormitory room so awesome.

Start with a Color Palette

The white walls and plain surface are good news. Very. That means you are free to create a decoration color palette that shows your style. Before you run out to buy your room, make a plan for the colors that you will use. Creating an atmosphere board is an imaginative way to imagine the color scheme of your dorm room. Studying your pin on Pinterest is a smart way to find colors and styles that appeal to you.

Dorm Room Like a Small House

Decorating your dorm room is like decorating a small house. You will sleep there, entertain there, study, and even prepare food. All the ordinary rooms in the house are combined in your dorm room, and you will most likely share the space.

When you dream of decorating ideas, first consider the function to help you make the best choice. Color is a great way to visually separate an area, when you will be living in a multi-purpose room.

After you have planned your color scheme, determine which colors represent sleep and relaxation, study, and entertain and socialize. By creating a small mini-palette for each function room, it can feel more like a small house than a shared room.

Share a Color Room

You will most likely be in a shared room.

You will make your decorating plans and do your shopping before you even know how your roommate will provide their space. It is okay! Your little corner of the world is about your style and color choices. By decorating with a small palette of colors in the right place, you can personalize your area easily and make it different in a shared space.

Use Colors Like Rockstar

When you move to an empty space, together or not, color will become your super decorating power. Every little thing you buy for your room should be part of the overall decorating plan. If you buy a wastebasket, pillow, or even bedskirt, count the amount. Choose everything using your color palette, so your space looks unified and planned, (in a super creative way.) If your style is glam or Boho, the color will make it look easy.

Tips and Tricks

It might not seem like you can do a lot with color in a small dorm room, but there are easy secrets to make a big impact.

Keep your color palette simple. Using less color will make your small space feel comfortable, and make more changes. Use your colors in an elegant way, in a small room every detail you have to take into account.

Choose the color that you really like. Don't feel pressured to use bright colors if that isn't really your style. While most "dorm decor" is displayed in bright colors and graphics, if your taste is more subtle, choose a neutral color for your biggest decoration items (such as comforters and pillows), and use brighter colors as accents.

Shop outside of the "dorm room" look. This is a great merchandising approach to dedicating the whole area to boarding themed decorations. Retailers offer many bedding sets that are designed to attract students, along with cute accessories. To get a more specific look, choose an entertainer first, then take the time to explore the rest of the store for more unique accessories that can be customized to your own style.

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