Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Will Spruce Up Any Space

best kitchen remodel ideas that will spruce up any space

The kitchen is an important part of the house. In this room, you do a variety of activities almost every day. However, because it is rarely visited by people other than residents of the house, often this room is not overly thought of its beauty. Especially because generally the kitchen is behind, so the size of this room also looks improvised, or can be said to be less extensive.

Though a neat and beautiful kitchen also supports the beauty of the house. Having a small kitchen is no reason to ignore it. For that, rather than continuing to leave the kitchen alone, let's change your small kitchen to be more charming in these brilliant ways:

1. Use Open Storage

In practice the use of cabinets requires a large space to be put in the kitchen. To overcome this, you can use open storage, so you can move more freely to take advantage of the remaining space. If you can manage this storage appropriately, your kitchen will look very chic.

2. Pay Attention to Kitchen Details

Not only the existing furniture, you also need to pay attention to small things, such as placemats, to the rice cooker cloth cover. Although it is a small thing, but if chosen correctly can support the beauty of your kitchen. In addition, this method is also right for you who live in a rented house, so you can change the appearance of the kitchen without the need to overhaul the layout if it is forbidden by homeowners.

3. Arrange Things That Will Become Focus Points

One easy way to make your kitchen appear more spacious in an instant is to make a point that will grab people's attention when they see your kitchen. For example, set one area of   the wall with patterned wallpapers, unique dining tables, or hanging displays.

4. Organize Space with Creative

Make sure that the layout and placement of your kitchen has been done correctly to save space. Using multifunctional furniture, or even making use of furniture gaps can also be an option so you can take advantage of every small gap in your kitchen.

5. Take advantage of What You Have

If the space in your house is really limited, then dare to take advantage of everything you have. There is nothing wrong with placing the television near the spices. If you adjust the position in the right way it will create a good feel. Besides, cooking while watching TV seems like a fun thing. It is not like that ?

6. Put the goods in the right place

The exact placement of items is also important so that you do not put items that have the same function at close range and ultimately only consume space. For example like the picture above, the placement of a table near the kitchen and also the work room. So that the table can be used to cut vegetables while cooking, or as a work table when finishing work. Choose a table material that is easy to clean, so you won't be disturbed by the smell of seasoning after cooking.

7. Take advantage of the Kitchen Top

Your kitchen is small and the roof isn't high? That's the chance to take advantage of it! You can use the kitchen roof to hang various cooking utensils. You don't need to buy a cupboard anymore. Save space and save costs!

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