bohemian style bedroom decor

Offering a variety of colors, motifs that are lively and impressed without rules, this is a typical bohemian interior design style. The style carried by travelers who are free from this rule has a very unique uniqueness. As if to break out of rigid rules, boho style interior is able to express your dynamic, unique and attractive personality.

For anyone who wants to be creative with this unique interior style, can start applying it to the bedroom area.

As a private space, the interior of the bedroom is certainly a representation of its inhabitants. Choosing a bohemian interior style for the room, is one of the best ways to display the charm and personality and unique character that you have.

No need to worry, you are not required to replace all the furniture that is already in the room. All you need is to complete and beautify the area of ​​the room with decorations and various decorative elements in the bohemian style.

Here are some tricks on how to get a bohemian look in your bedroom;

"Bohemian interior style in the bedroom, is one of the best ways to showcase the charm and personality and unique character that you have."

Bohemian style room wall decor

Bohemian is known for its lively appearance and the use of bumping colors.

You can choose to use bright colors like pink, red or turquoise. These colors are the most successful choice and are suitable for boho-style interiors.

While on the wall, use white as the main color as well as the base color. Then try exploration with typical Bohemian ornaments and trinkets.

Bohemian-style Room Carpet

Decorate the bedroom floor using a carpet with motifs and bohemian colors.

You can use geometric motifs, striated, or carved motifs. Dans Adjust the color of the carpet to the palette or color of your room.

Although the bohemian style is known to be free and violates the rules, but to get the beauty, you should choose a color that is not conspicuous.

If your room has a plain wall, you can freely use a variety of motifs and colors for your carpet. And if you have placed many ornaments such as wallpaper, bright wall paint or decoration, avoid carpets with various colors or motifs. Choose a carpet with a combination of no more than three colors and which have a pattern that is not too complicated.

Bohemian Typical Pillow and Bed Cover

Did you know, pillows and bed covers can affect the overall appearance of the room, you know!
So, you should use a pillowcase and bed cover with a unique abstract geometric pattern.

And for the mattress area, you can be very random and irregular. Play with patterns, patterns, and colors for your pillowcases or bed covers.

If you already use bohemian style rugs, that means you are expected to use a bed cover without a motive. Even vice versa, use a bed cover with a variety of colors and motifs if you use a carpet without motives or plain.

Blinds, Accessories and Plants

Bohemian style bedrooms are generally equipped with curtains on the bed, or commonly called mosquito nets.

If you do not want to place curtains as a mosquito net on the bed, you can place it on the door or window. In addition to these two parts, you can also place it on the bathroom divider.

Boho style curtains are generally bone white, and you are designing not just fabric. In addition to fabric, curtains in the form of string spun or chrochet, or untayan stone necklaces, can be a perfect choice.

Bohemian is also known for its characteristics that show traditional, slightly ethnic, and natural elements. Use these three design elements in a bohemian style in your bedroom.

Choose interesting details such as fringes, tassel, hangging accessories, and combine them with other elements. You can combine it with elements of wood, copper, and or rocks.

For display, choose decorations that have a certain art that is unique and can make the room look more attractive.

Remember, always play with a variety of motifs and colors.

Motifs and colors can make the room look more beautiful. This can be achieved by using paintings, carpets, and / or fabrics.

Bohemian is very closely related to nature. You can bring live plants in pots in several corners in the room. In addition to beautifying the interior of the room, plants provide a green atmosphere and natural impression into the room. In addition, you will also have a fresher and healthier atmosphere with the presence of these indoor plants.

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