boho bathroom decor

Just been on vacation at a cool hotel with a bathroom that you think is very dreamy, until it's a shame when I will leave it. When I returned home, the bathroom felt normal. Create a spa-style bathroom or luxury hotel with a bohemian or boho concept. Guaranteed every day feels like a vacation.

1. A combination of minimalism and luxury in one place

This is the appearance of a bathroom from a resort for rent in Arizona, United States. The combination of minimalist and luxurious elements is really interesting. The color may be nude, but the details of the mosaic tiles and the wooden roof make it different. Moreover, this bathroom is designed in two choices, ordinary shower and unique bathtub for bathing.

2. Minimalist Boho-style bathroom in Morocco

Difficult to create the design earlier, try to design a boho style bathroom in Morocco alone. With details in the form of plain ceramics and motifs combined on the wall. Then, given details in the form of indoor plants such as flowers or cactus. Don't forget, choose a faucet, hangers, and gold door handles as accents.

3. Still in golden detail, add additional rugs or mats in the middle east nuance

Middle eastern nuances do or mandala patterned suitable for bathrooms with a boho concept. Combine with other details that are golden or bronze. The rest, please leave it to the neutral white and black colors. The bathroom looks more roomy and comfortable to look at.

4. In addition to bronze, wood color choices can be considered

However, make sure the wood is only placed in parts that are really dry. Keep it away from areas that will often be flooded with water. Also be diligent to clean up the remaining water stuck to the wooden furniture, then make sure the air circulation is good so it is not too moist.

5. Boho bathroom with outdoor shades

You can place the boho bathroom with an outdoor concept at the back of the house or the second floor. No need to put wood winds like the idea above. You can just make it a decoration and keep it covered with ice glass or walls. Feel at an expensive resort if this is what the bathroom looks like.

6. Boho bathroom with a nautical theme

Besides being made semi outdoor, you can also try a nautical theme. Bath or shower made of metal or aluminum. Solid with wooden doors and dominant colors of black and white ceramics.

7. Boho impression does not have to be from ceramics and furniture, only through the ornaments

Placing various Bohemian-style ornaments such as dried flowers and ethnic displays. Plus a wooden cross section for the sink and storage cabinet.

8. Bored with neutral colors, try the many colors.

The combination of ceramic with aquamarine green is very suitable to create a boho bathroom at home. Make sure if you have chosen a motif, choose a plain pattern as a variation. So that the room remains balanced and pleasing to the eye. Please add ornaments and other ethnic or boho nuances.

It turns out you don't have to wake up from the start, you can just modify your old bathroom to be a boho-style spa and expensive resort. Good luck.

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