Essential Factors Of a Good Bedroom Design

essential factors of a good bedroom design

Spectacular design is a relative term. What is spectacular or good for me may not always be so from your perspective. But if you look at interior design, there are a number of factors you should know to evaluate interior design.

Let's look together at some of the interior design factors you should know to give a comfortable impression to your home.

1) Proportion of space.

The word "proportion" is always in the mention of terms in the design world. And every interior space in human life must always be proportional. Proportion will certainly be very important in all designs.

Length, width and height are characteristics that must be owned by 3-dimensional design. When these three traits correspond to what humans have, we call it proportional.

Like a door handle that must be in accordance with human fingers in order to function properly, according to human needs. Likewise with the chair must adjust the needs or human circumstances so that it can be used comfortably to sit and relax.

So the proportion is the main key in providing interior design and furniture for your bedroom. You must know that if you want a spectacular design for the bedroom. . What are the dimensions of the bedroom, the height of the closet, to the dimensions of your dressing table ... you must know each function and the needs you want.

2) Natural light enters the room.

It is difficult to find an alternative to give a natural impression in home design without having to directly involve nature. The sun which is the most important element in natural life with its light function has a serious impact on home interior design.

Therefore the sun is the most important element in designing interior spaces that will provide coolness and health for residents of the house. The easiest thing is with how our windows or vents can be a way for sunlight to enter easily.

3) Natural ventilation

Cool atmosphere and with clean air inside the interior space requires free air flow from the outside which is not blocked is a very good idea. This bedroom may be in the corner of the building there are 2 sides of the room that have an external face.

It is not possible to make windows on faces that are too close together or faces that are too opposite, use a ventilator above the window. Because at the bottom half of the height of the bedroom must be used. Because of the constant use is the air temperature will rise and the air will become lighter.

Therefore when the hot air rises, it must be expelled immediately. And this is the main task of the ventilator to work.

When the bottom becomes empty, fresh air, the air from the window takes position, thus maintaining a good balance.

4) Delete Movement Pattern.

Each room has a certain exit point attached to it. As

a) Balcony / terrace.

b) Block toilet / walk in closet

c) Backyard (if on the ground floor)

Drawing imaginary lines from the entry point to all the exit points should not intersect. Because all areas of the room are full of furniture, and maintaining air circulation in the room to be maintained will help create comfort in the room.

5) Good Conditions for Inserting Accessories.

Besides creating a cool atmosphere in the room accessories, it is also an important element in the design of the room. When all of the above factors are fulfilled, the interesting or unique impression of the interior design requires supporting elements such as accessories.

a) The first and not to be left behind is the selection of artificial lighting that can give an elegant impression to the design of your room.

b) The second. small things like curtain rods and bed canopies make the room extra decorative.

c) Try using materials that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

The explanation above is an attempt to try to find important factors that can increase comfort in your bedroom. And finally you will find the most important factor, to restore your happy feeling to see the interior design of your bedroom comfortably.

But the most important thing is, this is not the single most important factor for designing your bedroom, but hopefully this will provide a spirit of creativity for you to give the best for your bedroom.

I hope this article will benefit many people.

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