How to Achieve Bohemian (or “Boho-Chic”) Style

how to achieve bohemian (or “boho-chic”) style

Bored with the interior atmosphere of the house, it's time to try something new and a little different from the existing ones; bohemian design style.

Bohemian, or boho style or bohemian style is a design concept that was born from a marriage of two concepts, vintage and shabby chic. The combination of the two gave birth to a unique style.

Bohemian style or also known as 'boho style' is actually a typical style of the Hippies who were born in the late 1960s where they were present as a response to the Vietnam war situation that never ended.
As something unique and eccentric, over time this style is increasingly popular and popular. He then developed into one of the unique home decor styles.

The bohemian concept is very rich in the use of colors, textures, and layered so that the three basic accents make a relaxed and carefree impression.

Bohemian Style, Nomad Style

Historically, the term bohemian or boho style has been used to describe the lifestyle of wanderers and is identical to the hippies. The style that was popular in the 1960s was then often also associated with gypsies. Gypsy itself is a term used by people who escape from the rigid rules of Bohemia in Central Europe.

Bohemian is also known as a free personality, because of his fondness for traveling and moving lives. With the characteristics of loose clothing that shows its closeness to nature.

Irregular Interior Design Style

Although we have rarely encountered bohemians, this style still exists and seems to never fade.
Over time, bohemian developed into a unique and attractive style of home decor. Bohemian style has its own charm and fans. He is very different from the minimalist style that looks clean and neatly arranged, the concept of bohemian design actually shows the opposite, showing an irregular impression.

Various motives and patterns that are combined deliberately appear to be "bumping" with each other. Looks very random and irregular. But it is precisely from the disorder that the bohemian accentuates its characteristics. Become a unique interior style and look very eccentric.

The tips; do not hesitate or worry about looking tacky when playing with a variety of motifs and patterns to display boho style characters.

Although synonymous with irregularity, but that does not mean you can not arrange it at all.

Sofa cushions placed with diagonally patterned fabric are one of the ways to get a bohemian design that looks rather neat. How to lay down this sofa pillow will give a beautiful appearance even though it still seems random.

Unique and eccentric colors

Bohemian style is very rich in relaxed, lively colors, textures and layered accents. The use of bright colors with abstract patterns is almost always found in boho-style interiors. The bright colors become a beautiful setting for various knick-knacks with motifs that also look very "crowded".

One thing that is interesting about the bohemian style is that you are free to create, because there really is no rule.

You could use twenty different color choices or maybe only three or only one color or monochrome. All color choices in your hands.

As a guide, bohemianstyle is identical with stripes, geometry and bright and vibrant colors like pink, red, Tosca, yellow, orange etc.

Although there are no specific color rules, but you should avoid using dark colors. Because, the use of dark colors will actually make the appearance look stiff and deadly attractive potential of this hippie style.

Furniture, Accessories & Plants

Furniture commonly used in bohemian interiors is furniture that looks old or vintage and has not been used for a long time. Like the use of old short cabinets, tables, chairs and more. In addition to sweeteners, combine many textures and colorful accents on patterned blankets, pillows and fabrics.

Present unique accessories such as colorful cushions, ethnic sculptures, abstract paintings, fabrics and other knick knacks in floral or tribal motifs. Besides furniture and accessories, laying plants indoors is also commonly found in bohemian styleinteriors. Plants give the impression of natural and freshness in a room with this lively appearance.

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