Study Room Interior Design

study room interior design

The saying goes, "Seek knowledge as high as the sky." However, do not ever feel satisfied with the knowledge you have now. The more knowledge you learn, the broader your horizons will be. Actually, learning is not only done at school, but can be done at home.

Part of the house which is made a place for learning is a study room. Besides being used as a place to study, a study room can also be used as a workspace, for example to complete work that hasn't been done at work, do homework, or just simply read a reading book.

The study room usually consists of a table and chairs. And of course the study room must be designed as comfortable as possible, so that learning goes well. If you are confused about choosing the right study room design, here are some cool study room design ideas to improve your concentration:

1. A classic European-style study room

classic European-style study room

The classical European architectural style is synonymous with luxurious and charming impression. But who would have thought, classic ornaments with carvings typical of Europe can make you more concentrated while studying. For example The Timeless Classic study room that comes with a French feel.

2. Study room for an apartment

Generally, the interior design of apartments is very modern, but has a size that is not too broad. As a result, many important spaces in the house are trimmed. However, if the study space remains your priority, the corner of the room in your apartment can be transformed into a study room. Moreover, if your desk is exactly facing the outside window.

3. Study room with dim lights

Room lighting that is too bright can make your eyes tired. As a result, your concentration in learning becomes down. Therefore, you should use dim lights in your study. If you have to read or write, it's time for you to turn on the learning lights!

4. Study room in a narrow hallway

Study room in a narrow hallway

When studying in a large room, your eyes will explore the whole room. Because it is too broad, your concentration in learning actually decreases. Therefore, a narrow-sized room such as a room or hallway is very suitable to be used as a study room so that you only focus on your lessons.

5. Children's study room

Not only adults, it turns out children also need a study space in their home. Besides studying at school, children certainly need private space to study at home.

6. The study room also doubles the play area

Study rooms don't merely contain stacks of books, you can create a study room design that doubles as a play area. So, children will not feel bored while studying. If bored, they can immediately rest and immediately take their toys.

7. Minimalist modern study room

Sometimes if your house is a mess and there are too many things in it, it can break your concentration while studying. So, the design of study rooms like this will help in study time.

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