Tips on Making a Bohemian Style Bedroom

tips on making a bohemian style bedroom

If you are a person who has a free and artistic spirit, you can express your unique personality and character by creating an interior style in one of the rooms at home. One room that can be the main choice is the bedroom, because the bedroom is a personal space that is very self-reflecting. If you are still confused about what style of interior is right for you, try applying the Bohemian Style interior designstyle. Interested to try?

Here are some important points that you can consider before decorating your bedroom:

Interior Style

Bohemian interior style is usually interpreted as a way of expressing freedom, so it is not surprising that this style is very present the lifestyle of the current generation. This style is very suitable for you who have high creativity, spirited, adventurous and loves freedom. Bohemian interior style is an interior style combined with several elements such as style, color, texture and many more so that it does not have any restrictions that govern it. So, there is no need to be afraid of creating and applying your creative ideas and enriching your room with art.

Pattern, Texture and Color

Bohemian usually accentuates traditional impressions with ethnic and natural elements, so as to multiply the style and texture of the room. The selection of colors on the walls of the room, you should use white paint as a base color with the aim to accommodate and unify the colors, patterns and other textures. Bohemian style interior design is known for its use of bold, cheerful and crashing colors which are usually applied to decoration and trinkets of the room. Colors like pink, red, turquoise, brown and other favorite colors can be selected.


Bohemian interior style is identical with soft and warm lighting. Give dim lighting to the room by choosing the right type of lamp. Covered lamps can be a good choice, but you can also place a small bedside lamp beside the bed with certain colors like yellow, blue and others to bring a romantic impression in the bedroom. If it's still not sweet enough, you can also install tumbler lamp decorations to give it a sweet and colorful impression. You can also use the window in the room as a source of light.


In decorating a Bohemian style room, you can cover the floor of the room with a Bohemian patterned and colored carpet, pillowcases and bed covers can also be used as decoration because it affects the overall visual space so choose an abstract and unique pattern. You can also decorate a room with white curtains made of cloth or yarn spun that is placed in the window or in the doorway. Old paintings and jars can also be used as displays. used as a display. So that the atmosphere becomes more natural and looks fresh, don't forget to add a few potted plants.

Furniture Selection

Because this interiorstyle emphasizes ethnic and natural elements, so furniture materials that are suitable and are often used have elements of wood, rattan, bamboo, and leather. Choose furniture such as bookshelves, wardrobes, small closets and wooden side tables, and choose rattan chairs or small leather beanbags to make the room feel simpler. The combination of elements of wood, rattan and leather will enrich the ethnic atmosphere that is thick but soothing in the bedroom.

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