5 Easy Ways to Decorate a Home in Bohemian Style

In recent years, Bohemian-style home decor trends are gaining popularity on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. How come? This bohemian look gives the impression of chic, stylish, and fun.

Bohemian style popularized by the Romans, which is not infrequently called the Gypsy style. Not only decoration, fashion style with Bohemian, Boho, and Gypsy styles is very popular with millennial generation.

For home decoration, Bohemian often presents a 'photogenic' look. The combination of style, fabric texture, hit-and-color, and Bohemian-style home accessories, makes the house look unique and special.

Interested in maximizing your creativity by decorating Bohemian style house rooms? Check out the 5 tips below.

1. First determine the color palette you want

The uniqueness of theBohemian style, you can choose any color as the main theme. However, you are advised to choose a neutral color first as the basic color of the room. That way, you will more easily add motifs, contrasting colors, and other accessories to the decoration.

2. Don't focus too much on unique furniture

Bohemian style is identical with unique and unusual shaped furniture. Starting from the trapezoid-shaped chandelier, iron table decoration, and much more. However, do not let you change the entire room furniture into Bohemian style.

In the core furniture such as sofas, dining tables, and mattresses, try to keep inserting a minimalist modern style. Even though it's bohemian style, you still don't leave the modern side of the whole room.

3. Experiment and be creative with style

The key to success for presenting maximum aesthetics in Bohemian style is play. Don't be afraid to mix different styles. But remember, don't overdo it. You can combine geometric patterns with abstract lines.

4. Combine with other decoration styles

If you focus too much on creating 100 percent Bohemian style in the room, there is a chance that you will feel bored in the future. So to work around this, make your own unique decorations by combining various other decoration styles. For example, insert a contemporary style by applying iron chandeliers, or a minimalist large mirror in the middle of the room.

5. Add plants

Bohemian style can make your room look full, especially if you embed too many Boho style decorations such as tassels. In order to provide 'refreshment' to the eye, add plants between the rooms. You can put the plants in a pot, or leave them hanging and hanging.

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