5 Tips for Organizing a Limited-Size Apartment Kitchen

Apartment kitchen
can be a place to gather with family members, cook, and enjoy entertainment. But not everyone has enough kitchen space to provide all of these functions.
Some kitchens, especially in apartments, may only be a small square. But this does not mean you can not freely do the activities of cooking, sitting, and eating comfortably. With a smart arrangement you can have a kitchen that fits your expectations.

Choose the right size cookware

Cookware will take place in the kitchen. Choose cooking tools that suit your cooking needs. Now there are many cooking utensils with small sizes that function the same as their large size. For example, you can choose a smaller size refrigerator that better fits the kitchen area in your apartment.

Open shelf in the kitchen

Open shelves make the apartment kitchen look bigger. But you must always maintain the neatness. It's a mess that will make the kitchen look crowded.

Optimize storage area

Having enough space for everything in the apartment kitchen can sometimes be difficult, but here are a few tricks:
  •     Avoid cooking utensils that you rarely use.
  •     Use the vertical cabinet and mount it around the window. Replace the front of the cabinet with glass so that the room looks more spacious.
  •     Create a storage area in an unexpected place, such as a shelf under the kitchen sink or on the kitchen cabinet door.
  •     Divide cabinet space so that you have room for large and tall items such as trays and billboards.
Don't forget to make room for the dining area. You can add a small table or folding table that integrates with the wall as a dining area.

Wisely using kitchen accessories

Always keep the cooking area neat, try to only put no more than 3 items in this area. You can place a small TV and roll on the wall, keep a knife in a drawer, put spices on a shelf on the inside door of the cabinet, and place the cooking utensils on the wall with the help of magnets.

Use of island in the apartment kitchen

If there is enough space, you can install the island in the kitchen. Choose island colors and materials that are similar to the color of the room.
Add storage area on the back side to store cooking utensils. Hide power outlets so that the surface of the island can be an additional cooking area.

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