7 Home Front Porch Design Tips On A Budget

Already so bored with the activities of caring for the yard and want to change the design of the front porch so that maintenance is not too troublesome? Can!

It is no longer a secret that the activity of caring for and maintaining a garden and yard is a tiring thing.

If you want the front porch to remain well groomed and beautiful, it usually requires a large amount of money and effort, right?

In fact, it should not always be so.

There are tips for the design of the front porch can look magnificent, do not need much maintenance, and the cost is cheap.

How to? Just consider the following review:

1. Home Yard Must Be Drought Resistant

Lush green lawns and shrubs do look more beautiful to look at.

However, you certainly know how difficult the maintenance process is and how much the maintenance costs, right?

As a front porch design solution, you can practice xeriscaping, which is the practice of using drought-resistant plants.

You can bring succulents or ornamental grasses to keep the yard beautiful and the maintenance costs low.

2. Decorate with plants that are suitable to the environment

Planting a plant can be a troublesome endeavor that depends on sunlight, the percentage of clay, and other factors.

So, rather than designing your front porch with expensive exotic plants, it's better to replace them with local plants.

The use of local plants has better endurance and is more likely to grow because they are in accordance with temperature and environment.

3. Use Contrasting Color Options

The next key in smart and luxurious front porch design is making focal points by combining contrasting colors.

Merging dark and light colors can be one way that you can use and requires a budget that is not too much.

In this way, you can categorize whatever space is in your front porch and make it look more presentable.

Consider highlighting a walkway in the yard with sawdust colored in contrast to the grass or use decorative lights.

4. Combine with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the best and easiest solution so that your life is free from the routine of cutting grass.

After all, there's nothing wrong with tricking your own front porch this way!

Especially when there is an artificial grass carpet that looks so much like the real grass.

5. Don't Forget Space for Activities in the Park

Basically, the garden in the yard is an outdoor space which becomes a means of outdoor activities with the family.

Especially if you and your family are the type who really like to spend a lot of time outdoors, of course an outdoor living space is very important.

Want to install a hammock, decorate it with tables and chairs, swimming pools or camp fires, even kitchens and pergolas, all you can do.

However, make sure your plans are kept simple so that the installation and maintenance process is not hassle.

6. Don't Water Too Often

Consider this one front porch design idea: if you are tired of watering plants in the yard, then reduce the routine!

Over-watering plants is also not good for the yard because it can invite pests, spoilage, to wild growth.

Instead of the manual watering process, why not just use an irrigation system?

7. Choose Rock as Decoration

Do you know what you don't need to water? The rocks. Lots of piles of rocks.

Instead of using grass, it is far better to use gravel and than to maintain bushes of plants, it is better to use a pile of rocks.

Large stones or pebbles are much more durable and long lasting, and this idea can make a front porch design look luxurious at a low price.

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