9 Inspirations for Modern Bohemian Style Apartment Design

Inspirations for Modern Bohemian Style Apartment Design

Bohemian style design is identical with the use of diverse colors and textures and accents that are layered in one room at a time. The uniqueness of the bohemian design is the freedom of creation, because there are no rules that bind to the design.

You can use 3 colors at the same time with one room or use furniture with various styles at once. For decoration, this bohemian design usually uses small plants, lights, and wall accessories that are crowded or dangling down.

If the bohemian design itself is arguably eccentric, full of decoration, and there are no rules, then the combination of modern bohemian designs is more natural and simple. Wall decoration is kept to a minimum. The color combination is even more calm and clean.

Are you ready to remodel your old apartment design with the following 9 inspirational modern bohemian style apartment designs?

1. Modern Bohemian Apartment Design for Dining Room

The key to the design of this modern bohemian style apartment is the selection of dining table chairs with large backs. Equipped with floral motifs with soft colors, the furniture gives contrast to the all-white dining room. You don't need to put the chair in large amounts, just combine it with other model chairs.

So that the white walls don't look boring, hang simple, brightly colored wall hangings. Don't forget to place a flower vase on the dining table and kitchen island to enhance your appearance.

2. Relax in the Back Sofa with a Soft Sofa

The next modern bohemian style apartment design makes the rear apartment suitable for a relaxing place, or even throw a small party with the people closest to you.

The use of light blue carpet with geometric motifs combined with modern sofas, rattan chairs and cylindrical tables will make the atmosphere more cheerful. All-white sofa becomes more alive thanks to the sofa cushion with a variety of motives. Rattan seating so it looks more modern thanks to the furry fabric that covers it.

The wall can be used as a simple living wall with a few pots of small ornamental plants hanging by ropes. Don't forget to hang the small lights at the top as a source of lighting in the sun. The romantic design of an apartment there!

3. Gray Curtains and Toska Chairs? 

Blending colors does not seem to apply to modern bohemian style apartment designs. In apartment design you can combine 2 colors and 2 colliding motifs. For example, like an apartment design that combines gray curtains with turquoise chairs, even light brown furry chairs in the other corner. Dare to try?

4. Modern Bohemian Style Apartment Design Neutral Shades

If you don't yet dare to experiment with colliding colors and motifs, just try applying a modern bohemian style apartment design with a neutral feel. The apartment family room is dominated by a combination of white and brown.

Wooden tables with abstract and terarrium pieces will make the design of your apartment feel more natural. To create warmth when gathering with family, use fluffy rugs and throw blankets made from knits. The choice of black sofa cushion and an old lamp with a tripod holder will strengthen the core of a modern bohemian style apartment design.

5. Modern Bohemian Style Apartment Design with Blue Domination

Want to try modern bohemian style apartment designs with bolder wall colors like blue? Okay. So that the bohemian and modern elements are well divided, let the blue walls look simple with just a few paintings and a mirror with a unique frame. Bring bohemian elements to the pillowcase, blanket, and dresser table motif. Do not use too many colors so that the quality of sleep is not disturbed.

6. Use Colorful Pillows for Sofas in the Living Room

Do not want to bother choosing new furniture or change the look of the living room wall? For modern bohemian style apartment designs, leave the walls white and just replace your sofa cushions! Choose a pillow with a small size motif and a different color from one another. This is the easiest way to change the design of a thrifty apartment and not waste your time.

7. Modern Bohemian Style Apartment Design for Small Family Rooms

Some apartments generally do not have a large area. This is certainly something you should consider when you want to choose an apartment design, especially modern bohemian style that is synonymous with many decorations and various motifs. But, that doesn't mean you can't apply modern bohemian style apartment designs in a small space.

If you want to apply a modern bohemian style apartment design, make sure you don't use a lot of furniture in a small family room. Choose multipurpose furniture that is the main point in the room. For example, such as rattan loungers, feathery footrests, and unique decorations.

8. Give a Modern Bohemian Touch To Apartment Design Through Decoration

When viewed from the selection of furniture, modern bohemian style apartment design inspiration is not too prominent. Modern bohemian elements are actually seen in the use of decorations such as light-colored geometry rugs and tufted hanging decorations.

In addition, a small potted plant that creates the impression of natural in the room. Apartment design inspiration like this is suitable for you who want to remodel apartment designs without spending a lot of money.

9. Modern Bohemian Apartment Design with a Monochrome Touch

Modern bohemian style apartment design inspiration which is further suitable for lovers of monochrome colors. Gray is known as a modern and simple monochrome color. To highlight the bohemian elements in an apartment design like this, use fabric rugs with tassel on both sides.

Also place a number of pillows with various motives. After that, hang the picture frames with different sizes to decorate the walls. Do not forget to put green plants in clear medium-sized pots to create the impression of natural.

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