Applying Bohemian Style to the Terrace of your House? Pay Attention to This

The Bohemian style decoration concept has indeed become a trend that is hard to leave. Even the application is not only enough on the inside of the house, applying theBohemian style on the terrace was quite popular. In order not to fail, it helps you pay attention to this.

Places to Prepare

Before starting to apply the Bohemian style on the terrace, it helps you start preparing the area first. For example by organizing goods or furniture that is around the area. This method is to make it easier to design and re-arrange the terrace in accordance with the Bohemian theme that will be applied. Don't forget to clean and get rid of unused items so they won't disturb and fill the terrace.

Tapestry accent

The application of tapestry is one of the hallmarks of the Bohemian style. So that the application of the Bohemian style on the terrace also should not miss the application of the accent. You can display the tapestry accent on one of the veranda walls or put it on the sofa that will be placed in the terrace area.

Color Game

Famous for its blend of bold and striking colors, it can make it easier for you to apply Bohemian style that looks messy on the terrace. Because by doing so, you no longer need difficulties to mix and match colors in order to find colors that match and seem unified. Let the colors of the walls, furniture and various other decoration accents have different colors to reinforce the applied Bohemian theme.

Complete with plants

It would be very unfortunate if you did not complement the Bohemian style on the terrace with elements of plants or plants. Because in addition to the Bohemian style which is closely attached to the elements and nuances of nature, the application of plants on the terrace will make the house look cooler and fresher. Choose the type of plant or flower that suits your liking, so you can more comfortably relax and spend time on the veranda of the house.

Don't Forget the Lights

During the day, the terrace area will certainly look bright because it gets sunlight. However, if it is not equipped with lights, the area will likely appear dark and become uncomfortable. For that, do not forget to apply beautiful lights in the terrace area. yes!

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