Beautiful Teenage Girls' Bedroom Designs

Are you looking for teenage girls bedroom design ideas? When children begin to grow up, the bedroom is an important one to prepare. For them, the bedroom is not just a place to sleep, but the best place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world full of demands and rules. Therefore, to design teenage rooms, parents need to explore the things they like, and view the bedroom from their perspective. It may be that parents will find that there are many things that teenagers like. Some of them are even strange. But with creativity, all that can be put together and produce a room that is creative and comfortable.

1. Unique Decoration, Carved Headboard

Teenagers usually stay at home in fun and creative rooms. However, it is not easy to create a room like this. The way you can try is to present a unique decoration. For example, by installing a carved headboard with an attractive shape. Carved tree-shaped headboard made from wood while maintaining natural texture and color. No doubt, carved headboard decorations make the rooms look beautiful, unique and creative. Teenagers will love it!

2. Multifunctional Teenage Room Design

Once again, teenagebedrooms are more than just a place to rest. Teenagers need a room as a place to study, gather with friends, express themselves, and spend time. All of them are as important as sleep. For this reason, teenage room designs should be multifunctional. As you can see, this bedroom also functions as a place to study by placing a table facing the window. The empty space between the bed and the study table is quite wide, so that it can be a place to gather with friends and a place of expression. Modern facilities are also provided so that your child can spend time in a fun way, for example by watching movies. No need to go to the movies, a projector is placed on the ceiling to make it easier to enjoy your favorite movies in the room. Meanwhile, a pleasant atmosphere is presented with a choice of pink that is liked by almost all teenage girls. Pink combined with white and contrasting black. The black color stands out between the two bright colors and gives the impression of firmness.

3. Integrating Multiple Design Styles

 There is no need to use certain design styles that are considered suitable for the design of teenage rooms. You are free to combine various design styles to get a pleasant teenage room. As with this inspiration, contemporary design style meets rustic style. A rustic touch is presented through the canopy bed, bookshelves and study table. Plus horizontal walls with shiplap technique into interior accents make the room more cool. Meanwhile, the chairlift becomes a fun element and at the same time a favorite angle for teenagers.

4. Boho Style for Teen Room Design

If your teenage daughter doesn't like the dominance of pink in her bedroom, boho style shades of salty egg blue can be an option. Bright colors on the walls of the room create a relaxed atmosphere that supports reading or creative activities. In addition, a touch of boho style is presented through palm leaf print decoration on the wall, ottoman with soft material and gradation pink color effect, as well as woven cloth on the bed.

5. Inspiration From Teenagers' Hobbies

What are your teenagers' hobbies? Maybe now he is like the world of music. These hobbies can be the inspiration for your child's room design you know. The nuances of music are presented through a guitar that is hung above the headboard, a chalkboard that reads musical notes, and a wall shelf that displays a collection of favorite music pieces. Then, there is also a comfortable modern gray sofa as a relaxing place to play music. In line with the wooden floor, the bed was also selected from wood wrapped in a Union Jack flag.

6. Wall Mural Room Decoration

Some teenagers like animals. You can create a focal point in the bedroom from one of their favorite animals. For example by placing a photographic mural on the wall. You can choose a photographic mural with two large white horses. Shades of black and white on a photographic mural combined with a gray bed cover and matching carpet. The result, a matching combination!

7. Soft Pastel Colors Game

The nuances of rooms for children in early adolescence, certainly different from when the child towards the end of adolescence or when approaching adulthood. Approaching adulthood, a soft feel feels more suitable. Inspired by the feel of dry desert and pastel colors when the sun sets, creating a room atmosphere that feels softer and mature. None of the carpets, sheets, and pillows use striking colors, but rather pastel colors. Woven materials are chosen because of the patterns that liven up the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the colors of the walls are made plain so that they accentuate pastel shades, woven patterns, and wall hangings. Well, designing a teenager's bedroom is not as difficult as one might imagine, right? Armed with a series of inspirational designs for teenagers, find a design that is suitable for your baby. Remember, look at it from your child's perspective so that the room design is fun for them.

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