Bedroom Picture Wall Ideas

Bedroom Picture Wall Ideas

The bedroom becomes the most private space, because this is where we rest, enjoy relaxing moments and a place to spend time for ourselves. Even a bedroom can be a place to work. Therefore, in order not to be boring we need to renew the bedroom with a different atmosphere, either through furniture changes or by decorating the walls. Now, in order to get a fresh idea, read some inspiring wall ideas below.

1. Warm Shades with String Light

String Light can be installed as a decoration of the bedroom, both on the wall or roof. String Light is often a favorite choice because it is easily installed and arranged according to taste. You can install it to form a pattern or a certain position. Its flexible shape allows it to be installed in any part. Not only that, you can also add photos or other trinkets around String Light. As a savings, String Light can also replace the sleep lamp.

2. Decorate the Wall with Photos

Decorate the walls of the house is very important so that we are spoiled by the view of the beautiful displays. There are many ways you can do to decorate the walls of the room to look cooler. For example decorate with photos that are full of memories. Not only playing with pictures, but also with frames and ways to combine different photos. Either use black and white or play with colors. To be more dramatic, you can renew the bedroom wall paint and play with the lighting. Your wall room is even more alive!

3. Colorful combination

Playing with colors on the walls of the room would be an interesting idea. Try to combine the colors in harmony, so that the bedroom is more comfortable. For example the room dared to give a purple color combination to the wall, and to make it look matching on the furniture and pillows were given a matching color. Or if you like bright colors or pastel colors, it doesn't hurt to apply it to your wall.

4. Install Wallpaper

If you are looking for practical and economical options to give your wall life a new life, wallpaper is the perfect solution. There are many designs and colors to choose from according to taste. And the end result, do not forget to change the location of some furniture, so that the atmosphere of the room is more fresh!

5. Walls of Bricks

If decades ago it had never been imagined that rough bricks could be used as wall hangings, today bricks have become an attractive alternative for decoration. Suitable for those of you who like the industrial style or even bring a rural atmosphere. But try only one or two walls that use brick material, so that the atmosphere is not boring.

6. Beautify the wall with a unique mirror

You can use a blank wall to be beautified with a large mirror with a decorative frame. Not only will it visually expand the space, but it will make the room look more chic!

7. Using Posters Why Not?

Placing large images with interesting themes becomes our next idea. You can choose an artsy poster with a theme of music, nature, travel, or even caricature. Place it on your sleeping head, your room will be very unique in an instant!

8. Wear a wall sticker

In addition to wallpaper, installing wall stickers is a practical alternative and the price is affordable. Whether it's a minimalist or colorful bedroom style, wall stickers will add to your room's beauty. Even if you are getting bored with other rooms, just stick to the wall sticker decoration in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Easy right?

9. Beautify With Pastel Colors

Soft colors and pastel tones are undoubtedly a favorite and are most widely used in the bedroom, due to its ability to produce a calm and harmonious atmosphere. Hmm, perfect for relaxing and resting.

10. Rural Style

Another trend that is no less fashionable nowadays is rustic style. Stone is an element that should not be lost in the interior of your wall. And it's better if the walls consist of natural stone, then combined with wood floors and furniture.

11. Concrete Walls

Applying concrete walls will make your bedroom look modern and stylish. Concrete walls will look perfect with minimalist and industrial-style bedrooms. Well, if you like concrete aesthetics, you can choose materials with a similar appearance, such as microcement, with a finer finish for a special room like your bedroom.

12. Walls with Light Games

Walls that combine textures and lighting games can bring an atmosphere that is no less beautiful on the walls of the bedroom. Especially at night and want to sleep, an exotic atmosphere will be present in your room.

13. Wearing a Bright Color

Want to make over the bedroom with a fresh atmosphere? You can apply bright colors on the wall. For a matching look, choose a pillowcase or curtain ornament that matches your wall.

14. Presents a Vertical Garden on the Wall

Plant ornaments on the walls are a trend that we often find in modern interiors. Why not present on the walls of the bedroom, so the atmosphere is more cool and green. Our advice is choose a pot with a unique shape, then decorate your wall with a variety of pots and soft wall paint.

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