Best Interior Decorating Secret

best interior decorating secret

Some people have different design tastes, some want their designs to look natural, some others have modern designs.

Which home decoration is suitable for your home design?

Whatever design concept you want, pay close attention to the following 5 secrets of decorating tips that you need to know, hopefully can inspire those of you who are decorating their dream home.

1. Create a Color scheme

One way to decorate theinterior of a room is usually to replace the paint with a new one.

The beauty or aesthetic factor of decorating the interior of this room can be supported by several things, firstly from the design or structure of the building, and the second is supported from the coloring of the house. For house coloring in this case the selection of minimalist house paint colors also need to be considered.

The choice of bright colors can make our home more cheerful, if natural colors make the house look cool. If you are confused about what colors are suitable for your home, it is better if you discuss with other family members, the more ideas, the easier it is for you to determine these colors.

2. Choosing Furniture according to the functions and needs of the room

Furniture also plays an important role in the minimalist interior concept, because the use of furniture that is arbitrary and not adapted to the concept will make the interior look less comfortable, too narrow or even look messy.

The size and shape of home furniture must also be one important thing. In choosing, it must be adjusted to the room that will be used or placed. Take measurements if deemed necessary.

The addition of furniture should not be excessive. Adapted to the conditions of your home.

3. Selection of the Sofa in the Living Room

The selection of sofas should be arranged according to the size of your living room, a minimalist size living room should choose an L-shaped sofa, because the L-shaped Sofa gives the impression of being open to the room.

4. Multifunctional KitchenRoom Arrangement

Having a relatively small kitchen size is not a problem. But if it is not neatly arranged it will make the kitchen ineffective. But if you know how to get around the narrow kitchen, then the impression of spacious or relieved will be obtained. A spacious kitchen is more flexible, but a small room can function well and is also comfortable.

using goods or furniture that is more multi-functional. Of course this is intended so that the goods do not take up much space or save space. In addition, also use goods that fit your needs, or do not pile up items that are rarely used. In addition to being a spacious kitchen, also so as not to give the impression of a mess and also "full" for the small kitchen.

With storage shelves you can put your kitchen utensils such as pans, fryers, plates and so on. Also add railing to the kitchen wall so that kitchen storage can be more efficient.

5. Beautify your home with the right curtain selection

In interior design, the function of the curtain is not only as a barrier or protector from the sun alone, but there are other functions of the curtain, among them, function as a sweetener of the room. The presence of curtains in a room will be able to beautify the house or room. The room will be more attractive with curtains.

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