Bohemian Kitchen Design, Unique Kitchen Room Appearance

Bohemian Kitchen Design, Unique Kitchen Room Appearance

Most of us are certainly familiar with the term bohemian. Even so, maybe there are still some who do not know for certain what exactly is bohemian?

The word Bohemian has been known for a long time. The term was originally used to describe the non-traditional gypsy lifestyle. Gypsies are nomadic, nomadic, out of line, and don't like to stay and settle in a place for a long time.

Because of its history, bohemian style tends to refer to a personality that is free of expression and does not want to be bound by rules. In the interior design style, bohemian is arguably a free, irregular style, and utilizes any color and motif.

For those who like eccentric and eye-catching styles, you can bring bohemian-style interior decoration and decor into your home. Bohemian style or also familiarly called boho, you can apply to the living room, family room, dining room to the kitchen area.

Bohemian kitchen design is very attractive with the use of a variety of striking colors, a combination of motifs, and the use of a variety of vintage furniture. Here are some ways to get a bohemian style kitchen room appearance.

Bohemian Kitchen Design; Colorful furniture

Boho style is a design style that is very rich in the use of colors, textures and unique and lively accents. The use of bright colors like yellow, blue, red and green characterizes the bohemian interior style. The use of vintage furniture with bright and vibrant colors will give a very strong and distinctive boho impression in the kitchen area.

Bohemian Kitchen Design with motif tiles

The use of patterned tiles can give a unique vintage look bohemian style. Patterned tiles can be used for floors, backsplash, or other areas in the kitchen. Even patterned tiles can also be used on stairs in the kitchen area that will show a unique festive atmosphere.

Bohemian Kitchen Design with Carpet

It's unusual to put carpet on the kitchen floor, but why not? If you want to get a typical bohemian style room look, the easiest way is to use a boho patterned carpet. You can bring patterned and brightly colored rugs around your kitchen area as you wish.
Avoid excessive use of carpets and choose the type of carpet that is not thick or rather thin, considering the kitchen area is vulnerable to stains and dirt.

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