Bohemian Living Room Decoration ; Unique Ways to Get Out of Rigidity

The living room is where many people meet and gather. In this room you welcome guests who visit. Deasign your living room of course must represent yourself and your family. The livingroom should be designed as attractive and comfortable as possible.

There are many ways to juggle or change the appearance of a room, from doing small decorations to a major overhaul. You can evaluate the condition of the living room first, see the current condition, is the roof still good or is the wall paint peeling?

If the living room conditions need a lot of improvement, then of course the first step that must be done is to fix it. You can also do an overhaul or relayout as desired. If repairs have been made, it's time to decorate it, so that the living room becomes more attractive and inviting.

Bohemian Living Room Decoration

Bohemian or also often known as boho style, is one of the most unique interior styles that you can apply to the living room. Bohemian style that was popular in the 1960s was also always associated with gypsies. Gypsy itself is a term used by people who escape from the rigid rules of Bohemia in Central Europe.

Therefore, bohemian is identified with a free personality because he likes to travel and move lives.
Bohemian that looks irregular, rich in motifs and colors, will become your favorite style. Especially for those who like a unique style and not rigid. You can explore the use of colors and bohemian style motifs in the living room with this one style idea.

Bohemian Living Room Wall Decor

Bohemian style is known as a style that is "bumping" with each other. But that does not mean you are free to hit colorful. If you are going to use a lot of motifs and accents, you should avoid using wallpaper or a lot of colors on the wall.

As a base color, you can use white paint for the walls. For sweeteners, you can also paint other colors on one part of the other wall. Like presenting a turquoise blue or a slightly faded yellow.

Color & Motifs of Bohemian Living Room Sofas

In general, sofas that are sold in the market appear with plain colors. Create a unique blend of colors on the sofa to get a different look. Complete the sofa with tribal-patterned fabrics, ikat or woven middle-eastern style.

However, if you still want a chair or sofa still has a plain color according to the original, just add the sofa cushions and pillowcases that have a motive. You can also present unique patterned desk plaques in the living room to complete the pillow motif.

Bohemian Style Living Room Furniture

To get a distinctive bohemian style, use furniture that looks old or vintage. The old furniture in question is not furniture that is old, but new furniture with a vintage model.

If you want to reuse old vintage-style furniture, it's actually not a problem, as long as the furniture is still in pretty good condition.

Choice of Bohemian Style Living Room Accessories

As a finishing touch, make your living room even more beautiful with an accessory sweetener. There are many choices of accessories that you can bring into the bohemian style living room, such as carpets and colorful fabric motifs.

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