Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY Solutions

Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY Solutions

Storage rack in thebathroom is one important element that needs attention.

The reason is, this storage can make the bathroom look more neat and well ordered.

Besides functioning as a place to store equipment, this rack can also make the bathroom look more attractive.

With a varied design, the appearance of a boring bathroom will change immediately.

Here are some inspirational storage shelves in the bathroom that can be tried at home.

1. Storage Shelves Above Toilets

The area around the toilet is usually left empty.

What if this area is used to make storage?

You can use shelves with many compartments to store towels, beauty equipment, toiletries, and much more.

In addition to opening up space for goods, a solid shelf display makes the bathroom look more attractive.

2. Used Kerajang Magic as a Storage Place

It's time for you to recycle used items that are already unused!

If you have an unused basket, use it to make a beautiful shelf.

With simple tools like nails and hammers, you can create creative DIY storage shelves.

Use this rack to store toiletries and spare tissue paper.

3. "Frame" Toiletries

Take advantage of large frames that have long been lying in storage for additional storage.

With a few modifications, you can use this rack to store various items such as candles, toiletries, and much more.

This one rack will make the bathroom look more characterized by its attractive shape.

4. Take advantage of the Space Under the Sink

The sink in thebathroom is a strategic place to install additional shelves.

You can take advantage of the space under the sink that is usually empty by installing a special shelf.

With extra storage, a messy bathroom will look neater.

Already interested in using this one idea?

5. Secret Storage Shelves in the Bathtub

This inspiration is perfect for you who carries a minimalist theme.

With a few modifications to the bathtub, you can say goodbye to the messy bathroom.

This is a brilliant idea for you who need an extra rack to store spare toiletries.

Interested in trying this one creative idea?

6. Recycling Unused Bookshelves

Bookshelves turned out to be a bathroom decor that can add aesthetic impression.

With a relatively spacious room, you can store lots of things, from toiletries to decorations like picture frames.

If buying a bookshelf is too expensive, you can take advantage of the old shelf that is not used.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, this rack will certainly make the bathroom look fashionable.

7. Hide on the Wall

If you intend torenovate the bathroom, don't forget to apply this one idea.

Putting up a small cupboard on the wall is a brilliant idea.

In addition to successfully utilizing space, this storage will make people who are amazed by their creative ideas.

You can "hide" various spare toiletries along with towels here.

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