Budget garden inspiration ideas

Model houses equipped with small parks have become an increasingly popular trend in modern society. Especially to apply a minimalist garden design can be done in a narrow area.

Garden design also no longer has to be located in the yard. You can put a small garden on the side, even the inside of the house. Of course, you still have to consider aspects of the suitability of the design with the available land.

However, you do not need to be confused looking for minimalist garden designs that are modern and unique. This article will present some ideas that might be suitable to complement the design of your dream home design.

1. Tiny Well in a Japanese Style Garden

Minimalist japanese garden design Japanese style small wells don't have to be real wells. Actually this well is more similar to a small pond shaped like a well. The position of the park is in the front yard, so guests can enjoy the beauty of the park while entering the house.

This garden model is quite popular in various contemporary minimalist home designs. Plant selection is also an important factor. Do not let the garden look crowded with plants that are too dense.

There are several types of plants that you can choose to put next to the path, namely:

Anthurium Plant

There is more than one type of color in this plant. In addition to its small size and low plant height, this plant is suitable for use in your minimalist garden.

Croton Plant

The variety of leaf color patterns make it look as beautiful as a flower. Croton size is also relatively short, making it easier to care and maintain.

Azalea plants

Having petite flowers with bright colors, Azalea will be an attractive addition to your minimalist garden. Moreover, the price is also cheap and easy to maintain.

You can choose several types of medium-sized wooden trunk trees as shown in the picture. It's better not to use fruit trees because they usually provoke the presence of insects, such as ants and bees.

2. Neat and Neat in the Pot


Minimalist gardendesign in a narrow area You can optimize the potential of the back corner of the house by making a mini garden armed with only a few pots. An example is the design of a garden in a pot that appears in the picture.

So as not to look monotonous, you can arrange a small pond with colors and shapes similar to potted plants next to it. Floating plants such as lotus and the like can be placed there. Don't forget to also add a pair of ornamental fish.

This simple garden model can be an attractive equivalent for your dream home design. In addition to the pool, also attach bamboo curtains with horizontal lining as a backdrop for this minimalist garden.

3. Flower wagon on the lawn

Dream garden models don't always have to eat a large budget. For example, design by utilizing unused items around you. Instead of laying the pot as usual, you can use wooden carts that are not used.

How to make this garden is also very simple. You only need to put a few flowerpots and vines at the bottom of the wagon. Then let the plants grow thick, so that small flowers cover the bottom of the wagon.

As a sweetener, put white pebble rocks under the wagon. You can cement or brazing the tires and wagon frame so that it does not shift.

4. Splashing Soothing Water

The sound of water splashing is claimed to calm the mind. So that is the main concept in the design of this park. Creating a Japanese style garden model like in the picture is very easy.

More than that, a small garden model can be applied to any home model. From type 36 houses and even type 45 dwellings. Just put up terraced plant designs and large stones as a reservoir of water splashes in the corner of the garden area.

Even this small garden can also be placed behind the house as a complement to your minimalist kitchen design. All depends on your creations and tastes.

5. Float Above the Park

Minimalist gardendesign decoration Relaxing is not uncommon if you apply a garden design equipped with a hanging holder. Complete with a comfortable base along with pillows with ethnic features as a complement, then the stand is ready to use.

Uniquely, just below the seat there are plants that are arranged tightly. On the face there is a pond complete with a lotus. You can also relax while reading a book at the back of the house.

One tip for you regarding the use of straps. You should consider mounting material, type of rope, bond strength, and even the ability of the supporting wood used. The reason is if the holder is not strong enough, then you might fall and get injured.

6. Minimalist Zen Garden

One more garden style that does not require a lot of complicated ornaments. Precisely simplicity is a prominent point of this Zen style garden design. You really need a lot of gravel and white pebble rocks.

However, the results you get will be commensurate if the positioning of the park components is done properly. For example footpaths made of wood make an impression as if the floor floats.

The use of wooden walls with horizontal lining is also a perfect Japanese style. You can position this minimalist garden in your backyard.

7. Waterfall Accents behind the House

It's time to try the artistic minimalist design. The design of the waterfall can be applied to large areas or narrow land. An example in this figure is the application in a field.

There are several important points that you need to consider when realizing the design of the park with a waterfall:

  • Adequate access to waterways.
  • Cleanliness of the garden floor area.
  • Splash of water that is not kept clean will cause mold on the rocks and parts of the floor. This can cause the floor to be slippery and dangerous to pass.
  • Make sure you take care not to form puddles that can become mosquito breeding grounds.

8. Chess Pattern on the Terrace

Minimalist home garden design, What about the chess motif on the lawn? You can try the look of a chess park very easily. Besides being unique, you can realize this idea very easily.

A few tips for you, to make it look more colorful, you should add some flowering plants. You can choose variants of creepers and plant them in several lawns.

9. Park in a Narrow Land

Have a small area next to the house? Then it's time to optimize the remaining area. The trick is to make a simple garden as shown in the picture.

You can combine large pots and plants arranged in a row by combining large and small sizes. Just one or two types of plants, your garden already looks attractive.

Don't forget to make a rock footing and floor on the edge of the park. You can install sliding glass doors at any time if you want to enjoy the air in this tiny garden.

All minimalist gardendesign inspiration can be modified according to your residential model. Both narrow and wide land, in the yard outside or inside the house, it's up to your preference. Good luck!

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