Decor Ideas to Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Haven

Decor Ideas to Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Haven

In your opinion, what are the most essential things in a master bedroom? A large mattress, a closet, or a beautiful dressing table? Actually the basic needs that exist in a master bedroom adjust to the occupants.

Some need a lot of storage system, some need optimal lighting, some need textiles in the master bedroom to suit their interests. Then what about the decoration in the master bedroom?

We check, is your bedroom decoration complete to make it a paradise for your home?

Don't Forget to Put the Sleep Light

The bed lights include furniture and decorations that are essential in the master bedroom. Choose a lamp shade that suits the interior style in the bedroom, yes. Sleeping lights that are sold in the market are quite varied, from various models to various sophisticated advantages.

Examples of sophisticated sleep lamps such as lighting (brightness) that can be adjusted, to a sleep lamp that can shoot light in the form of stars so that your master bedroom can be transformed into a planetarium. Exciting, right? So do not forget the light sleep, right!

Nightstand according to your interests and needs

If you are not too familiar with the term, nightstand is a small table that is usually placed next to the bed. Nightstand should be easily accessible from the mattress. Nightstand is also usually equipped with a drawer under the table to use the existing space as storage.

Its location next to the mattress makes nightstand become quite iconic in a master bedroom. Currently, there are many nightstand sold on the market in various models, from modern-themed themes to rustic. Which one do you choose?

Textile Material in a Great Master Bedroom

A master bedroom certainly uses a variety of textile materials for many things, ranging from mattresses, pillows, bolsters, blankets, to sofas or curtains. In addition to its function, textiles used in the master bedroom are also an element of decoration, therefore you must choose good and good quality textiles. Find out what type of bed sheet is right for you and what type of window curtains are suitable for your home.

Display Family Photos

Photos with your family or partner you can make as a decoration element in the master bedroom. You are free to display it, whether on the wall as a collage of photo frames on the top of the headboard, on the nightstand, or on the dressing table.

You can use simple frames, unique frames, or hang like people displaying polaroid photos. Guaranteed your master bedroom more comfortable for you and your family.

Showcase your favorite works of art

If you have artwork in the form of 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions which is quite luxurious or a favorite, you can display it in the master bedroom. For example, neatly arranged paintings, Mandala tapestry is also interesting to be displayed in the master bedroom.

For 3-dimensional karrya, for example your favorite Chinese jars, just put it in the corner of the room. In addition to making your master bedroom more elegant, this can be a plus point because the master bedroom is a relatively private room in a residence.

Show Vegetation Elements

Whatever interior style of the house you want to apply in the master bedroom, add elements of vegetation that are simple and attractive. Succulent, cactus, or other flowers can be the right choice. Are you lazy to take care of it? Fake flowers also don't matter.

Display in the corners of the room, for example near a window or on a bedside table. Flowers can make the atmosphere of the master bedroom more romantic! But we have other options. You can display dried flowers installed in a frame. The application of floral motifs can also be considered.

Choosing a Carpet That Will Be Used

Carpet is also quite often used in the master bedroom. Although the carpet is not always used in a master bedroom, the carpet can still be an element of decoration that makes the room more comfortable.

The existence of a carpet can also be a pretty dominant decoration. Carpets on the market are sold with a variety of materials, motifs, colors, sizes to prices that vary greatly. Choose the carpet according to your needs.

And finally the paradise that you want will be created in your bedroom.

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