Dorm Room Inspiration Decor Ideas For College

dorm room inspiration decor ideas for college

Dorm rooms are generally small and dingy, but there are many easy ways to make them home for the nine months you stay there. Take the time to make your dorm room where you can relax, so you can enjoy staying on campus.

Here are eight creative ways to decorate your room making decoration easy, efficient, and making yourroom unique.

1. Theme

When buying boarding decorations, pay attention to several colors so that your room is correlated with color. With the theme that you have decided, you can manage your dorm room easily and precisely. Once you set a theme for your dormitory, buying beds, accessories, rugs and decorations is easier because the color palette has been set. Having a theme will tie your rooms together and allow a comfortable and friendly environment. If you are not sure about a theme, you can look at Pinterest or other social media platforms to get inspired.

2. Bedding

The bed is the easiest way to decorate the room. You can buy it yourself or just get a set that includes sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and maybe even shoes. After you make your choice in bed, pillows are an easy way to decorate your bed. Cushions come in various shapes and sizes: body pillows, decorative pillows, mini pillows, which you really sleep on, and more. Fuzzy pillows often tend to bring comfort with decorative aspects; That way, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for decorative purposes.

3. lighting

College dorm rooms don't have much light, so you might need to provide your own lights. You can choose a table or floor lamp, which is available in various materials and can be plain or luxurious. If you choose floor lamps, you should look around with multiple heads so you can have focus light for reading. You can also choose a neutral color or go with a bright color, depending on your theme. You can hang a scarf over a lamp if you want to soften the light when you are not studying.

4. String lights

After you choose lighting for your dorm room, you should consider hanging string lights to add atmosphere to the room. String lights can remove starkness from the room and make it feel warm and comfortable. It's easy to hang a string light - just use a pin or thumbtack throughout your room and even on your bed. String lights will make your room look more festive too.

5. photographs

The easiest way to make the room feel like home is to add photos to your dormitory. You can buy a small picture frame, or even shoot a wall. If you prefer a truly unique DIY for hanging pictures, you can take a few strings and hang a photo around the room in your scarf. Photos add personality when reminds you of home. My personal favorite is hanging a Polaroid picture on my desk. Polaroid is the best type of image because every photo is unique and can be printed in an instant.

6. floor

If you are stuck with hardwood floors, tiles, or carpet, the floor in your college dorm may be old and uncomfortable to walk. Investing in a rug that matches the decor in your room is a simple and easy way to brighten the room and hide stains. On a cold day, you will feel the need to step into a warm and comfortable rug. Also, consider the small rug on your desk. This will keep your feet warm and warm when you get stuck on your desk in cold weather.

7. canvas

By adding a canvas to the wall, you can have an inspirational quote or a beautiful picture be the focus of attention. If you are artistic, you can even paint a canvas to your liking. Canvass come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and are easily adapted to any dorm room.

8. Rugs & posters

Dorm walls are generally plain, so it's yours to personalize. Rugs and posters are a unique and easy way to customize a room. The wall is one of the first things people see when they enter your room, so by adjusting your wall, your room immediately feels comfortable. Rugs and posters easily add bursts of color or image on the wall. They are also easy to hang, so you don't risk being exposed to potentially damaging walls of your dorm room.

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