Dreamy Kitchen Paint Colors and Ideas

dreamy kitchen paint colors and ideas

Choosing the color of interior paint is a process that is not easy and quite tiring. There are so many variants of paint colors that all look good, are good, and of course free to use. But the problem is not that simple.

The application of color, especially into the interior can not be done arbitrarily. Color can have a very significant effect. Like for example an improper selection can make the room look dull, cramped, crowded, and so forth.

Conversely, choosing the right color can give a much more pleasant feel and atmosphere to the whole room. You must understand the matter of color psychology in this matter.

It's important to always remember, each color has the ability to help make each room look warm and welcoming.

Warm colors such as red, for example, based on color psychology, are believed to stimulate appetite and become one of the most appropriate choices for the kitchen and dining area.

The red color can be very flexible and suitable for the cabinet or cabinet, kitchen set, or even the wall.

White is the most common choice and is widely used in kitchen areas. White has the ability to give birth to energy and make the room always feel clean and fresh.

Or gray color. This is a type of neutral color that is also widely used in the kitchen and or dining room.

Gray, although often categorized as too "cold", but with the right shade, can work very well in the kitchen area. Gray is very suitable in pairs with other colors. Gray is the right choice for the color of the table, island and cabinet.

Other kitchen paint color choices are blue.

Bright blue color will give a clean and clear impression. Blue is very fitting for the walls, cabinets, and or ceiling. Blue is a refreshing color and works best for communal areas.

Besides white, gray, or blue, the kitchen can also look very beautiful with bright colors like yellow or green.

Yellow can immediately brighten the room. While green is believed to provide a fresh and calming effect.

Blue Marine

Blue sea shows the kitchen area feels more formal and also fun. This is great especially for open kitchen areas.


Coral or coral is one of the best colors in 2019 according to Pantone. This is one of the best paint colors for the kitchen area.

Baby Blue

Baby blue color is the color of paint to show the atmosphere of a modern space. Kitchen with a baby blue color can look very bright, calm, and comfortable. He also looked very gentle and sweet.

Matte Black

It is said that there is nothing sexier than matte black in the color of kitchen paint. Matte black shows the atmosphere of a kitchen that looks very powerful.

Sage Green

This is one of the colors that may be used very rarely, but it really can give "revelation".
Sage green kitchen paint color shows the perfect personality into the kitchen room.

Red Wine

If you want a rather glamorous atmosphere in the kitchen, try using a burgundy paint color. This color choice looks very shiny and can add depth to the interior of the kitchen.


If white feels too striking, you can try a cream color.

Creamy feels light and bright. But with a warmer tone, it can help the kitchen look more visually appealing.

Blush Pink

Pink is famous for being soft and smooth. Blush pink makes the kitchen area feel more open and bright.

Gold Leaf

The golden color has the maximum ability to make the interior of the kitchen look more prominent.
The golden color combined with the accents of other favorite colors, makes the kitchen look glamorous and luxurious.

Light blue

Bright blue can be a very striking and softening color. The kitchen will look brighter with a light appearance.

This color is perfect if you want people interested in the appearance of a minimalist and simple kitchen in your home.

One of the best minimalist kitchen paint color choices.

Light Taupe

This color is known to term the color between gray and brown. It is neutral with a tone brighter than gray or beige.

Light taupe guarantees that your kitchen will look very attractive and has a visual appeal.

Gray Green

Green gray, said the expert, is a color choice that can give birth to a "dramatic" atmosphere. According to feng shui, this is one of the best colors for kitchen space.

With light tone colors and can function like neutral colors, green gray can make the kitchen become one of the soft and inviting places.


If you want something different and can display a soothing atmosphere in the kitchen, lavender is the most appropriate choice.

Bright White

White will always be the favorite color of every homeowner. This color is perfect for any room, no exception for the kitchen.

And if you are someone who is very concerned about cleanliness and a bright and airy atmosphere in the kitchen area, there is nothing more capable of giving birth to that atmosphere than bright white.

Midnight Blue

Midnight blue or dark blue is a very rich color tone. He will ground the entire room and show a warm atmosphere. Midnight blue is also very perfect when combined with white. Making the interior of the kitchen look very soothing.

Jade Green

For a little splash of color, paint your kitchen island with this color. The jade green color will give birth to an extraordinary atmosphere unique to the interior of your kitchen as a whole.

Cool and refreshing color choices.

Spring Green

Fresh, cheerful and classic color choices. Especially when combined and paired with traditional wooden surfaces.

Not only that, spring green is also one of the best color choices according to feng shui.

Dark Gray

If you don't particularly like bright colors, play with more monochromatic palettes. Don't worry, a kitchen with dark gray can also display a calm and clean atmosphere.

Bright Yellow

This is the best paint color to show the atmosphere of the kitchen looks to have energy and feel more vibrant.

Soft Gray

Gray has calming properties. He is also from the impression of boring.

Minimalist kitchen that combines lighting will look fresh, modern, and fun with gray paint with a soft tone.

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