Gorgeous Kitchen Design Tips

Beautiful kitchendesign is generally a dream of many people. The kitchen is a room that must exist in a house. Usually, the kitchen only functions as a place for cooking or eating dishes. But now, the function of the kitchen is growing so that it is called the heart of the house. Therefore, the kitchen must be built with a design that follows trends and lifestyles. For homes that unite the kitchen room with a dining room, the kitchen is often used as a second room to entertain relatives or guests when coming to a house other than the living room.

Mothers and people who like to cook naturally want to have a beautiful kitchen design so they can provide comfort when doing activities in the kitchen. Therefore, beautiful kitchen design is a requirement that must be met in every home.

beautiful kitchendesign also includes the selection of decoration and layout of furniture in the kitchen. Here are some easy tips you can do to make a beautiful kitchen design.

Kitchen Floor

It may seem trivial, but in its function, the state of the floor is very important for aesthetics and safety. The appearance of a beautiful kitchen design floor right can also give the maximum impression on the room. Therefore, for floors that use ceramics, we must pay attention to choosing the right ceramics.

You can choose kitchen tiles whose texture is not too shiny because the kitchen floor is at risk of oil, flour, and other fatty and sticky food ingredients.

The choice of kitchen ceramics must be related to color and motif. You can choose plain colors like brown and black. Some ceramic motifs that are very suitable for kitchens include beehive motifs, wood motifs, color gradation motifs, 3D motifs, and so forth.

In addition to ceramics, you can make the kitchen more beautiful to present the carpet. Adjust the size of the carpet with a kitchen area, and choose a carpet display parallel to the island table.

Kitchen Wall

The walls become an important part in designing beautiful kitchen designs. Therefore, you must detail in the design and decoration of kitchen walls. You can use ceramic walls that match the ceramics used on the kitchen floor.

It does not have to be the same, but it must be able to give an interrelated impression between the tiles on the floor and the tiles on the kitchen wall. Usually the ceramic walls are only placed in certain parts, such as a height of 0.8 from the bottom of the floor or on the backsplash, the kitchen wall near the stove or sink. But, there is no harm in trying to use a ceramic wall as a whole with bright colors.
In addition to ceramics, walls are closely related to coloring or choosing paint. Some color choices that are suitable for a beautiful kitchen design for example: the orange color that is believed to give the impression of warmth, comfort, and cheerfulness. In addition, you can choose a chevron motif for the wall is a timeless design idea.

Selection of Kitchen Tools and Cabinets

You can choose tools in the kitchen according to taste. However, not always your choice can give the impression of a beautiful kitchen design. In fact, the choice of tools can make you feel bored in the kitchen.

If you choose a kitchen with an island table, then you can use a comfortable bar stool for dining. The size of a standard bar table is 90 to 120 centimeters. Thus, your position can make a good sitting position and provide a high mood when eating.

If you use a built-in cupboard, then you can choose the color of Pistachios green to give it a warm and casual feel when combined with marble and wood finishing.

Another way you can do is to choose solid surface material on the table top and marble on the wall. In addition to giving the impression of enthusiasm, you will also benefit because it makes maintenance and cleaning easier. For a bolder impression, you can add several kitchen sets with bold colors.

Structuring Equipment and Foodstuffs

The arrangement of tools, food ingredients, and furniture is closely related to the design of beautiful kitchen designs. Dishes, cups and dining ware should be placed in an area that is close to each other between the serving area and dining table so that mobility becomes more efficient. It would be better if it is between the serving area and the dining table, so that your mobility will be more efficient.

For pots, pans, cooking knives, herbs, and the like should be placed close to the stove to facilitate the cooking process. Meanwhile, in storing food ingredients, you can try the trend of rattan baskets. This basket can be used to store potatoes, onions, fruits, and others.

In a beautifulmodern-style kitchen design, there is usually a meandering sink drain pipe. This place often throw away space that can be used for storage. Therefore, U-shaped storage that follows space can be very effective for storing dishwashing sponges, rags, brushes, or soap.

You can classify and arrange cutlery on a hanging rack neatly. Try these tableware stacked with the same height and similar products.


The lighting factor is very important in designing a beautiful kitchen design, especially for kitchens that have a small size. You can bring bright colors to the decoration and furniture in the kitchen. Bright colors will give the effect of a small room feels wider.

Good lighting is natural lighting because it can keep the kitchen room dry or not moist, free of germs, and looks spacious.

However, not all kitchens can access natural lighting, especially for kitchens in complex houses. Therefore artificial light or lights can be a good alternative. You can use a lamp on the dining table or a brass chandelier that will be a very elegant accent in the midst of a contemporary kitchen.


The decoration is very function to make beautiful kitchen design. You can give a lot of decor choices to your favorite kitchen. For example, you use a display shelf and a bookshelf shaped ladder that is placed in one corner of the kitchen.

For a natural atmosphere, you can make fruits, plants, and vegetables as a beautiful kitchen design. Plants, fruit racks, and displays will give a fresh impression on the kitchen. This decoration is perfect for simple kitchen models that generally use only one or two color palettes, such as a combination of white and wood elements. The colors of fruits, plants and vegetables will make the kitchen brighter.

Pieces of pine or Philodendron plants on the cooker hood can be an option for a white kitchen. The green color of the plants around the white walls of the kitchen will change the kitchen feels more natural and lively.

You can also provide a mini chalkboard to record the menu tomorrow or an encouraging quote. Choose a black board that is written using white chalk.

On certain parts of the wall, you can provide some wallpaper made from paper as wallcoverings. Wallpaper should be applied to a dry kitchen area, such as a dish rack or open storage space.

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