Headboard Ideas That Will Rock Your Bedroom

headboard ideas that will rock your bedroom

The bed is the main element in the bedroom. The comfort factor is certainly the most important aspect when choosing the type of bed. In addition to comfort, design aspects and appearance of the bed is equally important for homeowners, especially if you want the look of a beautifulbedroom. If the room is beautiful, of course it will also support the comfort of this resting room.

One design element that can enhance your bedroom is the bed headboard. This article will discuss 6 inspirational headboard designs that you can choose from. Some are interesting in function, there are also interesting because of the unique design. Hopefully inspire!

Headboard and Storage

This multifunctional design will certainly make the room not only beautiful but also saves space. You have extra storage to put various items in the room, especially small items that are often used to be easily accessible when needed.

Decorative Accent

The headboard can also function as a decoration element in the room. An example is what we can see in the inspiration above that uses a triangle-shaped cushion as the headboard. Installation of headboards that form a pattern makes this headboard look attractive. You can adjust the color choices with the color of the bed and the color of the walls in your room. In addition, a combination of several colors from the same tone can also be an option for an elegant appearance.

Masking Tape

Decorative techniques using masking tape can also be used to make the bed as if it has a headboard. Images formed from masking tape can adjust to the theme of the room. For example pictures of urban buildings like this that are suitable for beautifying the bed and walls of a child's room. To make it even quite easy, you only need masking tape or insulation, then make a concept drawing using a pencil, then paste the insulation on the wall. Easy right?

Middle Eastern Ornaments

This design is just right for you who are happy with the unique look of the Middle East. Headboard with a display like this can usually be obtained by custom made. However, because of the appearance that tends to be crowded, this design should be adjusted to the size of the room. If the room size is limited, choose headboard ornaments that are not too crowded so as not to give the impression of a narrow room.

Elegant velvet

The elegant velvet look is suitable for you who want a luxurious impression on the room. For a more beautiful look, you should choose a neutral velvet color so that it will fit when juxtaposed with various colors of sheets and the room will look more attractive.

Blend with the wall

This headboard is part of the wall, which is made slightly more protruded to the outside. As a result, there are fields in which to place various items. You can use this wall as well as the headboard to put a light sleeper or decoration items like in this room. You can use brick material to make a headboard like this. But if the headboard is additional, or only made when the room is finished, you can use lighter materials such as boards with fiber cement material.

Hopefully the 6 headboard design inspirations above can help you make the right bed design choices for your bedroom.

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