How to Get a Small Bedroom That Looks Stylish & Saves Space

If you experience problems that are often experienced by residents of the apartment, which is the size of a small space, there is an easy way to save space in your minimalistbedroom. Here are some ideas that you can apply in your bedroom, to make sure your sleeping area is calm and comfortable.


Mirror is one of the best ways to make the room look more spacious. Large mirrors can add lighting and the illusion of more space in a narrow bedroom.

The bed is against the wall

The bed is attached to the wall so the right solution for a small bed. Open space under the bed can expand the room, and you can also store items such as shoes or books underneath. Installing lights on the wall also saves space.

Wall shelf

Is there no place for a bedside table? You can hang a shelf on the wall. Wall shelves you can use to store books and other accessories in a very narrow room.

High shelf

To get more storage area, you can hang the shelves in high places throughout the room. That way the floor is not narrow and you get a lot of storage area.

Outboard mini shelf

There is another shelf that only takes up very little space, which is a simple shelf beside the bed. You can make this mini shelf from old wood, then stick it on the wall and you can put objects like plants on it.


Lighting on the ceiling is usually less attractive so there's nothing wrong if you add lighting to the room. Wall lights in small bedrooms do not take place like floor lamps.

Shelf table

Wall mounted shelves can double as a table. That way you can create a work area next to the bed.

Shelves above the bed

Why not use the space above your bed? Shelves mounted above the bed add to your storage space, and the lighting underneath adds light to the room. If you enjoy reading in bed, make sure the shelf is installed within your reach when sitting on the bed.

Use Murphy bed

Murphy beds can save more space and make your room more stylish. When you live in a studio apartment or want to have more space in a small child's room, Murphy bed is the solution to make the room more open.

Cabinets without doors

If the walls make the room feel cramped, the choice you can try is to use a closet without a door. That way the room will feel more spacious.

The bedroom merges with a balcony

If the bed is near the balcony, you can create an area as if the bedroom merges with the balcony so that it seems more spacious.

Smart color choices

The use of light colors in a minimalist bedroom makes your bedroom feel more spacious. If you do not like the bedroom with white, you can add paintings on the wall to add visual space.

Unite the seat and storage

Although an armchair can give the bedroom a beautiful impression, ottoman chairs are a more practical choice if you are short on space. Ottoman chairs can function as a seat and storage area.

Cabinet on the wall

The addition of the cabinet can be placed on the bed. You can use it as a storage area.

Lighting from the window

On the window, you can use a curtain that is comfortable but not too thick.

A simple color palette in a minimalist bedroom

Choosing a simple color palette keeps your minimalist bedroom comfortable and soothing.

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