How to Organize Your Kitchen on a Budget!

How to Organize Your Kitchen on a Budget!

To beautify the kitchen at home there are many ways you can do. Not by installing an expensive cabinet or countertop, but with a touch of simple decoration that can make the kitchen look very different in an instant.

You want to change the look of the kitchen to be cooler but the budget is only limited? This decorating trick might be replicated to make the kitchen look newer without having to drain the bag.

A touch of unique patterned tiles on the wall

The wall or wall facing the stove will eventually erode due to oil splashing. The paint will peel and the walls will look shabby. Well, to get around

this case, you can install beautiful patterned tiles on the wall facing directly to the stove.
A touch of motif on the wall will make the kitchen look more beautiful. Enough

install a few tiles around the stove. Choose the motifs that match the color and theme of your kitchen decor.

Beautiful lights

Lighting can always make the atmosphere of a room very different. You can put a chandelier in the kitchen that has a beautiful design or vintage nuances. The design of the lights will make the kitchen feel so different when the lighting appears.

Can also put a small lamp in the corner area to add dramatic lighting effects.


Arrange the sink again as needed. Maybe you need a deeper sink with an ergonomic design faucet. The appearance of the sink in the kitchen usually becomes the focus

main when entering the kitchen. Don't forget to arrange it neatly and cleanly. Place a special container for dish soap and hangers for a cloth to make it look neater.

Fill the blank wall

Who says the kitchen doesn't need to be filled with art. Precisely with a touch of art, the kitchen feels warmer and livelier. Fill the empty walls in the kitchen with wall art, fabrics, pretty decorations or even herbs to make the kitchen sweeter. Choose art decorations that steal your attention and portray you. Surely the kitchen became more 'alive' with nuances different.

Rattan Baskets

Besides being functional, laying down rattan baskets is also able to beautify the kitchenroom. If your house uses a rustic design style, this rattan basket will blend and give a beautiful rustic impression.

To make it easier for you to find the items you want, you can complete the rattan work with information labels.

If you have difficulty in designing this kitchen storage, do not hesitate to contact the services of interior designers. They will help you get designs and decorations that are in line with your dreams. Don't forget to always keep the kitchen and home clean.

Rack Use

After washing the dishes and glasses the easiest way to do this is to place it on a shelf. The cutlery that is still wet will quickly dry on its own by the falling wind and droplets. With this design you don't need to wipe the equipment and only need to hang tableware and arrange it on the washing tub.
Slim and tall shelves can also be a solution for a small kitchen. Laying it efficiently and does not take up much space will be able to maximize the storage function.

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