Inspiring Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Inspiring Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash
Planning to renovate the kitchen? you should reconsider. To simply change the atmosphere, you can redecorate the kitchen. As inspiration, you can look at some of the following minimalist kitchen decor ideas.

All-White Kitchen

This all-white kitchen is intended to make the room feel cleaner and warmer. Moreover, the decision of the homeowner is right by placing a medium-sized glass window in the middle of the wall.

In addition, this tiny room no longer feels cramped because the atmosphere inside is quite bright. Whoever is in it will be more free to move. If the kitchen in your home has a small dimension, this example of white kitchen decoration can be considered.

Two Color Wall

The appearance of the kitchen is enriched with the addition of new colors. Previously all white, now get a touch of favorite colors from homeowners. Dark blue filled more than half of the kitchen, even to the ceiling.

However, homeowners also deliberately maintain a little area that is still white. This makes the kitchen atmosphere which was monochrome become more colorful.

Three Minimalist colors

This minimalist kitchen look is no longer monotonous. The eyes are slightly ‘disturbed’ through the game of bold colors. No wonder the homeowner applies the choice of primary colors in his kitchen.

Play Color Further

This time, the homeowner really transformed the look of his kitchen. However, it still uses the easiest and simplest way, which is to give a new color to every important element in the kitchen.

Kitchen set is left as is. The top cabinet surface is made up with a new contrasting color. The choice is yellow like sunflower. Shiny because a layer of varnish affixed, making the kitchen look more cheerful.

Patterned Wall Options

You can follow how to decorate a minimalist kitchen like the picture above. The selected tile has an intense and dense motif, although the surface only contains two colors. When all parts have been covered, the appearance of the wall becomes more attractive. The kitchen this time applies a change in the part of the wall, namely by installing tiles on the surface layer. Tiles are easy to clean from cooking stains. In addition, the choice of motives is also diverse, so you have so many choices.

Floor Renovation

 If the previous homeowner installed tiles as wallcoverings, here tiles are used as they should, ie on the outer surface of the floor. Changing tile motifs is also one of the most concise ways to decorate the kitchen.

In addition to the walls, changes in floor motif also make the room look more attractive. Moreover, through the selection of bold colored tile motifs, refreshing as well as enliven the atmosphere of the kitchen as a whole.

Beautiful tools

Take out the colorful kitchen utensils that are usually in the storage cupboard. You can follow the way the kitchen owner in the picture above by placing the utensils on a stacking rack in the kitchen.

Functional and Decorative Tools

This one picture shows the ingenuity of a homeowner in decorating his kitchen without incurring extra costs and energy, namely by utilizing the items of utensils that are already available and installing a hanging rack on one side of the wall.

Various tools made of the same material certainly have the same color and surface texture. Finally, it is used as a practical decoration element by arranging its installation in such a way on a hanging rack.

Open Shelf

This open shelf in the kitchen serves as a private gallery for your collection of utensils. Made of symmetrically cut wooden planks, because it will be installed in pairs to fill the two sides of the wall next to the window.

Of course this rack must be in an affordable area. As in this picture, an open shelf is placed on the processing table. Aside from being a decoration item, kitchen utensils placed on top of a shelf must still function properly.

Additional Lighting Points

This method might be a little complicated, especially if your kitchen was previously in the middle of the house, where there aren't any windows on the walls around it. In the picture above, the kitchen makes use of natural light from the window and additional chandelier.

The luxurious chandelier was deliberately chosen in golden yellow, as a representation of the small sun that illuminated the entire room. As a result, the appearance of a previously monotonous kitchen looks more luxurious.

Turning a Wall into a Door

This kitchen seems to want to provide an opportunity for homeowners to feel the sensation of outdoor in the room. Imagine, one side of the wall was torn down without a trace. Replaced the door with the exact same size as the old wall.

This minimalist kitchen decor drastically changes the atmosphere of the kitchen. When doing activities there, there will be no more boundaries between the inside and outside of the house. Moreover, if the transparent curtain lining the wide door opens because of the wind.

Well, those are some examples of minimalist kitchen decorations that you can apply at home. Some of them you can do alone, or with the help of other family members. However, some others are complex enough that they will require professional services.

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