Light And Stylish Scandinavian Living Room Designs

light and stylish scandinavian living room designs

If you want a warm and comfortable decoration in the livingroom, Scandinavian style is the right choice.

This style prioritizes bright color textures combined with a minimalist concept, thus giving the impression of elegance in a space.

This lightweight Scandinavian decoration is perfect for all sizes of living rooms.

Are you interested in adopting Scandinavian style in the living room? Take a peek at the following five tips:

1. A mixture of wooden furniture

There are no specific rules in designing Scandinavian-style living rooms. However, the Scandinavian style living room is characterized by a mixture of various types of wooden furniture.

There are many choices of wood to choose from for a Scandinavian-style living room.

You can buy this type of wood to be applied to tables and chairs. In addition, wooden accessories also enhance the design of this Scandinavian-style living room.

2. Use large windows

Scandinavian-style living room prioritizes the amount of lighting that enters the room.

Therefore, the use of large windows is one important factor as well as the hallmark of this Scandinavian-style living room.

If you don't have a window size that's not too big, you can open the window wide to give the living room a bright color.

3. Show a beautiful impression

Apart from prioritizing color and light a lot in the living room, Scandinavian style also prioritizes beautiful appearance.

Therefore, adding some green plants is the right choice to create a Scandinavian decoration that is perfect in the living room.

However, you only need one or two types of greenery in this Scandinavian-style living room.

Because, too many plants actually make the living room look messy. Thus, making the Scandinavian style living room disappear instantly.

4. Add patterned pillow accents

Scandinavian living room style does give priority to a minimalist impression. However, that does not mean that the furniture in it must always be plain.

Therefore, you can look for a patterned pillowcase so that the living room looks colorful and does not seem monotonous.

5. Dark walls can be an option

Scandinavian living room does not always prioritize white wall paint. Instead, dark colors like black and blue can be an option.

If you apply this method, pay attention not to put a lot of furniture that gives the impression of tightness in the living room.

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