Scandinavian Interior Design : Best Tips for Creating a Beautiful Space

Scandinavian design is widely applied in minimalist dwellings. Many dwellings with minimal land use this design, so it's no wonder that Scandinavian is becoming popular.

Not only applied in small houses, this style is also widely used in narrow-sized apartments because of its characteristics that give the impression of space in the room. Tips for Creating Beautiful Spaces :

1. Dominating Neutral Color

Talk about Scandinavian-style interior design, of course, will not be separated from neutral color schemes such as white, gray, black and tanned. Interior with the selection of colors above can not only provide a sense of calm and comfort for the residents. But it can also highlight the color of the furniture in the room.

2. Less Is More

One characteristic that is displayed from Scandinavian interior design is less is more. Each furniture is arranged simply and functionally. So, it is advisable to choose furniture, which does not make it difficult for residents of goods that are not needed. If you like, cabinets and shelves can be an alternative as decoration storage space without reducing the essence of "less is more".

3. Hardwood Flooring

To accentuate the thick Scandinavian style, choose materials made of wood or neutral floor covering material. Both of these can give the impression of spacious and warm, and even provide better lighting in your room.

In addition to the above material, you can also use gray and ceramic plaster for Scandinavian-style house floors. At present meterial floor coverings made of wood or ceramic with a variety of designs suitable for Scandinavian designs have been widely sold by the marketplace.

4. Simple Furniture Decoration

Scandinavian-style furniture always stands out with the concept of minimalist decor, which uses large windows and thin curtains that are neutral in color. This itself is done so that occupancy gets maximum lighting.

You can also place some fresh plants in the corner of the room, to increase the beauty of the room.

5. Wood Materials

Accentuating the thick Scandinavian style, not only can it be highlighted from the colored floor covering material made of wood. But also from the use of natural materials to dominate your residential furniture, roof and walls. The use of wood can also give the impression of warmth, comfort, and make its inhabitants feel at home.

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