Stunning Ideas for a Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Adolescent tastes can be very diverse, according to trends and personal. Not surprisingly, they are more often fickle in determining their tastes.

Similarly, when looking for the right concept for a bedroom, they can be very picky. This is because the function of the bed is not just a place to rest, but also a place where they gather with his best friend.

Before doing a bedroom design or renovation, you can observe some inspirations for the teen girls' bedroom styles below.

Black, white and gold

The choice of stripes motif dominated by black and white is a way to express the spirit and style of the present. We also recommend a touch of gold for some items such as pillowcases, which can give a slight feminine touch

60s style

For girls who are inspired by colorful combinations and have a neat personality, the following tie-dye style can be an option for designing a bedroom.

The color gradation (ombre) trend also will not be cracked by the latest trends. For the impression of a hit-and-color, you can add several colors to the choice of decorations and accessories.

Monogram Initials

For a feminine, elegant and personal style, why not choose Mattress sheets and some other interiors that are printed with the initials of their names? The name monogram is now trending. Also mix with glamorous colors that make the room look luxurious.



Don't be afraid to experiment with a choice of tufted motifs for Mattress sheets and other decorations. Even if your child does not like the princess theme, bouncy texture on their blankets can provide comfort to linger in the room.

Pleasant Turkis

If you like the color blue mixed with a style that is more girl and funny, then just choose turkish colors. This color choice will be suitable combined with other feminine colors such as pink, purple and even butter yellow to give joy.

Funky flowers

Check the style above for a motif model that gives a touch of its own hippies. Intense colors can give an artistic, cool and funky impression. Paired with other furniture in the room that makes this bedroom feel pop.

Ruffle Imagination

A touch of ruffle detail can make your child's room from boring to classic. Besides giving the impression of a more mature, this style also makes the bedroom look more feminine and vintage like classic films that became his inspiration.

Dark Purple

The deep purple color always manages to give a touch of luxury and quality. Surely not a few girls are so fond of this color. To realize the above appearance, you can simply choose a bed sheet in purple and a few small furniture with matching colors.

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