Tips for Applying Bohemian Themes to the Bedroom

Bohemian-themed design is now a trend. Not only fashion style, bohemian style design now also hits applied to residential.

The term Bohemian has actually been known for a long time. Initially, better known as gypsies. The bohemian style is present because all irregularities are made spontaneously and utilize whatever objects are there.

However, there are distinctive features in bohemian style. Bohemian style is a style that is full of colors and mixed with ethnic styles, with hippies and vintage. Reporting from Country Living, it turns out that making room decorations with a bohemiantheme, is quite easy to do.

With the right mix of mix and macth it can give a beautiful bohemian impression. And here are tips on applying bohemian themes in the bedroom.

1. Don't be motivated by one color

Some people are afraid to combine many colors in the room. In fact, by combining bright colors can make a room with a bohemian theme look more beautiful.

2. Mix a variety of patterns

One of the characteristics of bohmenian is the combination of various motifs and patterns. Some beautiful patterns that can be combined are tribal, flower, stripes and others.

3. Blending between vintage and modern

One trick to make this bohemian theme feel fun and not boring is to combine modern with vintage furniture, such as a bed with a modern design but combined with decorative lighting, and vintage accessories.

4. Make use of some old stuff

Check what furniture is in your warehouse. Whether there can be used or not. If you find some vintage luggage, you can use it as a storage area in your room. Aside from being a storage area for old suitcases, it can be a room accessory in the room.

5. Use a wall accessory

If you have several antique paintings, you can use them as your wall accessory. Also complete with a glass that has the same frame pattern as the frame of your painting.

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