Tips for Mix and Match in Designing Modern Minimalist Furniture

Tips for Mix and Match in Designing Modern Minimalist Furniture

Are you bored with the furniture designs that you have now? Or feel your furniture takes up a lot of space and want to replace it with minimalist furniture?

We will provide tips on combining the furniture you have today with a modern minimalist furniture design.

In fact the room with only minimalist furniture, sometimes it will look monotonous if we are not good at arranging it. Combining the furniture you have with modern minimalist furniture will make the room look more varied and innovative. Especially, modern minimalist furniture has a unique and attractive design.

Not only does it prioritize practicality, especially this minimalist modern furniture does highlight its usability function, but also an attractive and innovative design that can make a small space feel more comfortable like a spacious room.

Usually, this is done by applying a modern minimalist furniture design that not only has one function, but multi-function. Examples can be found on the sofa, the bottom of the sofa can be used as a storage area or the sofa can be folded when not in use and can be opened to be a sofa-bed.

Maximizing Modern Minimalist Furniture Design

Some things can be considered when combining the furniture you have with modern minimalist furniture including:

1. Alignment

The harmony between the furniture that you have with modern minimalist furniture is quite important to know. If you do not adjust both, what happens is the furniture looks out of place because of the discrepancy that occurs.

Then, what kind of harmony should be understood? Well, here are some factors of harmony meant include:

2. Color and Material

The colors and materials of furniture that are already owned can be a reference for choosing a minimalist modern furniture design that is in harmony. Look for furniture with a modern minimalist design that has the same color or material so that the new furniture you add looks integrated with the previous interior design.

If you have difficulty finding furniture with the same colors and materials, then no need to worry, you can use modern minimalist furniture with matching colors or materials. It can also be applied occasionally so as not to get bored. For example if the interior design was previously made from wood, you can try other materials such as using modern minimalist furniture made from bamboo or tree roots.

3. Size

The size of one furniture with other furniture must be well integrated to make it look proportional. This is done so that there is a good harmony between your modern minimalist furniture with the room.

If the ceiling is high, it's better to use modern minimalist furniture that is tall to fill the vertical dimensions of empty space. Conversely, if the room is small, avoid using large furniture.

4. Interior Themes

The selection of modern minimalist furniture is better adapted to the theme or interior characteristics that already exist. If the previous interior has an oriental design that mostly uses wood, it can be complemented by choosing similar themed furniture and adding decorations such as paintings or natural carved sculptures.

In addition to theinterior theme in the living room, decoration in the bedroom generally tends to be simpler than the living room. The interior theme in the bedroom usually prioritizes comfort and accentuates the characteristics of the inhabitants of the house. In fact, sometimes it uses unique minimalist furniture to make it more attractive and privacy. An example is the decoration of drawers on the bed as a storage medium or the use of a table that can be folded. Doesn't that sound interesting and innovative?

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