Unique Kitchen Open Shelves Design Ideas On A Budget

Unique Kitchen Open Shelves Design Ideas On A Budget

The kitchen does need a lot of storage space for cooking utensils, spices, food ingredients, to cutlery. The use of shelves is often a solution to meet the needs of storage space that is easily accessible and fits a lot.

Now, if you need practical and cost-effective storage space, an open kitchen rack model can be the right choice. What's more, if your kitchen is small in size. Not only that, the open shelf model can also be an accent that will make your minimalistkitchen look more attractive.

Here are some open kitchen rack design ideas to keep them looking beautiful.

1. Industrial Style Open Kitchen Shelves

The use of iron material is the most prominent element in industrial-style kitchens. If you want to give a touch of industrial style to the kitchen, try to install a bulit-in rack using an iron pipe material. Iron pipes are arranged in such a way that they are installed on the wall to support the shelves. You can choose wood or glass material as a shelves. Open kitchen shelves from these iron pipes will be the accent that steals the attention in your kitchen!

2. Classic and Elegant Open Kitchen Shelves

Open kitchen shelves can also be given a classic and elegant touch that will make the kitchen look more beautiful. A classic and elegant touch through the use of shelf supports with curved and carved designs. You can use iron or wood material. Then, mix it with white shelf shelves that contrast with the color buffer. This open kitchen shelf with a classic and elegant touch is perfect for storing your antique collection of kitchen utensils.

3. Combination of Closed and Open Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen storage racks consist of two models, namely closed and open shelves. In its use, you do not have to focus on just one model. Combining the two kitchen rack models can be a creative way to make a small kitchen more efficient and beautiful. For example, you can install a closed rack model at the bottom of the kitchen sink. While the open kitchen rack model as storage at the top of the kitchen sink.

4. Kitchen Shelves with Glass Material

The impression of luxury emanates clearly from the materials used for this open kitchen shelf. Kitchen shelf supports are made from iron with a gold coating. While shelves shelves using thick clear glass material. Shelves with glass material make thekitchen look spacious and clean. You can emulate this idea to create an elegant and modern kitchen atmosphere.

5. Hanging Kitchen Shelves

Get around the storage space in a tiny kitchen is indeed a challenge. For space efficiency, the model of an open kitchen rack hanging can be a unique storage idea. Shelf mounted hanging on the ceiling. You can place it on the sink. Shelves also have other benefits as a kitchen divider with other rooms. There is no more reason to run out of space, right?

6. All-round White Kitchen Shelves

The use of white is still a favorite choice to create a broad impression on a small kitchen. You can apply white to all parts of the kitchen, from walls, cabinets, to kitchen shelves. In this inspiration, white kitchen shelves are made extending to one side of the kitchen and made terraced. Long open kitchen rack models like this make storage more efficient. In addition, the kitchen also appears more presentable and spacious.

7. Open Kitchen Shelf Design on All Kitchen Walls

This one rack design is suitable for you who need a lot of storage space. Open shelves are made like cupboards without cover and cover all sides of the kitchen wall. With a large number of shelves, stored items can be grouped by category. This grouping not only makes the kitchen look neat, but also makes it easier to find the items needed.

Open kitchen shelves make it easier to access the items needed. However, the design demands that we always be neat when placing things. If it's not organized a bit, then your kitchen will look messy. It's a good idea to place items you don't use often in a closed cupboard to avoid looking messy. Storing items according to category can also be a solution so that items remain neatly arranged on a shelf.

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